40 Density will decrease in Bursa Traffic

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas met with representatives of the association, the strict control and small touches of traffic intensity by the end of the year to reduce the 40 said they plan to reduce. Referring to the urban transformation studies carried out in Bursa in the meeting of the association of associations, Chairman Aktaş stated that they will change the logic in the 0.50 precedent application, which is represented by high-rise buildings on a local basis, and that they will approve the island-based transformations based on the social reinforcement areas.

Chairman Aktas, representatives of the association 25 met with the metropolitan municipality in Ankara on the way to the service hall assembly hall. In a warm atmosphere, special messages of the guests were requested to be conveyed to President Aktaş. At the meeting, the traffic shortage in Bursa and the urban transformation studies concerning a large audience also came to the agenda.

Year end target 40

Mayor Alinur Aktas, said in a statement, the traffic density in Bursa by the end of the year to reduce the rate of 40 said. President Aktas said that there is not a single reason for the problems, there are inadequate roads, buildings that prevent the flow of vehicles, minibuses running in the east line of the city, private public buses and various reasons left the city with this chronic problem, and emphasized that they intend to reduce the traffic intensity with tight inspection and small touches in the first place. . President Aktaş stated that they will save the city from these problems with the extra reinforcements to be made in the following years. Where tightness is present, you must make the inspection strictly. We will also focus on the first stage of the inspection system. With state-of-the-art tools, we will keep traffic under control for 24 hours. For example, we will reduce or reduce the flow of vehicles to tourist areas such as Ulucami. We will encourage the public to use public transport. I hope you'll see, this way until the end of the year we'll provide 40 relief in traffic, İn he said.

Healthy growth with horizontal architecture

In his speech, President Aktaş also touched upon urban transformation studies. In the previous period 0.50 preceded the previous period by giving the 1 precedent in the local base of urban transformation work has been opened, similar bad examples in the Nilufer district, especially in the presence of a large number of President Aktas, said it is not possible to open the way for such applications in the new period. Stating that the Planned Areas Type Reconstruction Regulation, which came into force on October 2017, does not allow for high construction at the local level, President Aktaş said, Tip We must carry out an earthquake region and urban transformation works in Bursa. But this shouldn't be the same! 0.50 should not lead to high-rise construction, giving precedent. Instead, we should be involved in elegant studies that take into account horizontal and social reinforcement areas compatible with population growth. As a result, grow in Bursa grow. If Bursa does not grow, our problems are growing Bursa.

In his speech, Chairman Aktaş touched on the role of NGOs in solving the problems of Bursa. Stating that the city is in a constant growth trend, President Aktas emphasized that they have received continuous immigration from the Caucasus and different regions of Anatolia, and the problems have increased due to the increasing population. As of 2017, the city's population was announced as 2 thousand 936 million. UM Bursa is a flower garden. The migrations from different regions are undoubtedly the richness of our city. However, this situation brings with it various problems. This is all of us. If we're going to be abad, we'il all be together. For this reason, everyone should put their hands on the stone, especially the NGOs, and we must overcome the problems together. It is our duty to do that. Bunu



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