Bursa Moves On To Become The Leader Of National Projects

Yavuz Ekinci, Business Partners and Supplier Management Manager of HAVELSAN, Turkish Air Force Forces, Turkish Armed Forces Strengthening Foundation, said: We are waiting for the contributions of our companies in Bursa in this direction. Bu

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) continues to work for the production of materials needed by Turkish defense industry in Bursa through the clusters it established. BTSO, which brings together the main organizations of defense industry such as ASELSAN, ROKETSAN and TAİ with the suppliers of the supplier days, finally hosted HAVELSAN officials in Bursa.

BTSO Board Member İlker Duran, who spoke at the opening of the 'HAVELSAN Days' event organized within the scope of the activities of Bursa Aerospace Defense Clustering Association, pointed out that the concepts of nationalization and localization have recently emerged in the Turkish defense industry. Turkish Armed Forces need ones are 2003 percent in the year 25 the ratio for the local market and work done as a result of a Duran reminded that go up to 70 percent by volume, said that reduced dependence on the outside in Turkey's defense industry.


Bursa Industrialists of Turkey's defense industry and the parts that need fixed expression that is ready to produce systems, "there is a great desire and dedication of our industrialists in this regard. Our companies, which have an important production capability in strategic sectors such as automotive, machinery, textile and chemistry, can also manufacture to world giants such as Boeing and Airbus. Bursa, which has a strong potential, can be a pioneer in national projects to be realized in our defense industry. HAVELSAN, ASELSAN and ROKETSAN, our country's leading defense industry organizations, we aim to benefit more from the capabilities of our firms in Bursa alı.


HAVELSAN Business Partners and Supplier Management Manager Yavuz Ekinci also stated that HAVELSAN is a subsidiary of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation. Ekinci noted that the company operates in four main areas: command and control and combat systems, training and simulation systems, management information systems, and country and cyber security. Ekinci stated that they are working to identify talented companies that can cooperate in these areas for long term. Local and national sensitivities in line with all provinces in Turkey voicing endeavor to make Ekinci, "Bursa also has a different significance for us. A city where space, aviation and defense clusters occur. Hosted by BTSO, we consider the event to be an important opportunity to get to know both Bursa companies and to tell HAVELSAN to our companies. In the new period, we will follow a policy towards transformation from project company to product owner company. We are waiting for the contributions of our companies in Bursa in this direction. Bu Informing about HAVELSAN's procurement process and its applications, Ekinci also informed its business partners that they mainly received engineering support and software module support services.


Head of Bursa Space Aviation and Defense Cluster He said Mustafa Hatipoglu in Turkey passed the critical days. Pointing out that the threats in the region are increasing day by day, Hatipoğlu said, dikkat Thankfully we have a strong army. We have to increase this power even more. For this purpose, we started our cluster works by bringing together our companies in Bursa. Our companies are striving to develop joint projects. As Bursa, we would like to increase our contributions to the vision of our country's domestic and national defense industry. Bursa's strong industrial infrastructure should be actively used in defense and aerospace industries. Bursa He also delivered a presentation on cluster works and BTSO projects.

More than 50 companies participated in the event held at Bursa Technology Coordination and R & D Center (BUTEKOM). HAVELSAN officials, bilateral meetings with the firms in Bursa within the scope of the meeting, the second day of the event, some companies examined the production facilities on site.

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