BTSO opens its doors to its members

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) continues to meet its members from around the world. Bursa actor assumed the development goals of Turkey's export-oriented companies, within the scope of the Ur-D projects by the BCCI and the United Arab Emirates took part in bilateral meetings held in Brazil.

BCCI application center with examples of projects in Turkey, members remains strong and moving to alternative markets. Representatives of Bursa food sector participated in bilateral business meetings with a delegation of approximately 50 in Dubai, UAE, while business representatives in machinery, rail, space, aerospace and defense sectors were also represented by Latin American companies in Brazil's industrial city Sao Paulo. cooperation met at the desk. The BTSO delegation will meet with the Argentinean companies in Buenos Aires on 25-28 February in the second leg of the South American program following their contacts here.


The approximately 80 people, consisting of a delegation to Turkey within the scope of the organization characterized as one of the most intense participation of the delegation carried to South America Bursa business world, the first stop of the tour representatives held bilateral meetings with Latin American companies in Brazil.


Şükrü Çekmişoğlu, Member of the Board of Directors of BTSO, said that 2018 has reached 2 for the number of international business trip programs organized before the 8 monthly tranche is completed. Located in Bursa, Turkey's exports ranked second in a stronger position to carry Çekmişoğl stating that they desire, "In this context, we realize one of the most well-attended in Turkey's economic history, business trips to South America. We are aiming for our Bursa companies to have a say in this market which has a foreign trade volume of approximately 400 billion dollars. Our companies, mainly machinery, rail systems, space, aerospace and defense sectors, have carried out very important business meetings in Sao Paulo, Brazil. These talks will also pave the way for new commercial links. I believe that our Bursa trade with Brazil will be much higher than 75 million dollars. İnan


Brazil's Sao Paulo BCCI's Turkey who visited the event bilateral meetings held in the city of Sao Paulo Consul General Serkan Gedik, Brazil is quite far away from Turkey, but said it was a very strong potential. Brazil, with a population of over 200 million with Turkey that have substitutes for each other that product, Gedik indicating that offer new opportunities for the two countries in this situation, "However, in recent years, our trade deficit against these countries has increased a great deal. For this reason, it is quite meaningful to have investors and industrialists in Bursa, the capital of exports. I hope that machinery, rail systems and space technology companies will encounter very important opportunities in the contacts here Makine. Bursa, Turkey signed from pointing to one of the largest trade delegation to Brazil Gedik, "I congratulate the BCCI to regulate such an important event," he said.


The first foreign marketing activity of the year was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, within the scope of the Food Urology Project conducted by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of the Ministry of Economy. The BTSO delegation, which includes business people close to 50 operating in the food sector, examined the investment environment and potential in Dubai, and attracted great interest from Dubaili business people during the bilateral business meetings held at Dubai Turkish Trade Center.


BTSO Board Member Aytuğ Onur, BTSO as the first targets to increase the number of exporting companies in Bursa, he said. UR-GE Honor noted that working with major activities undertaken in this direction, "Food UR-gear company in the first year of our exports to Turkey increased compared to the general 8 times more. This year, we continue our efforts to continue this success. We held business meetings in Dubai with a large delegation. I believe that our companies will achieve very good results from here. Firm Mr. Onur thanked Dubai Commercial Attaché Hasan Önal and Director of Dubai Turkish Trade Center Serdar Fuat Kumbaracı for their support and support.

Prior to the bilateral business meetings, the Dubai Commercial Attaché Hasan Önal met with the companies and informed the companies about the investment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. Saying that Dubai is an important location visited by 15 million tourists annually, Önal pointed out that Dubai is an important base for the opening of the companies to the region. Mr. Önal stated that such a professional level of bilateral business meeting was done by BTSO at the Dubai Turkish Trade Center and congratulated BTSO for their successful work in Ur-Ge projects.


BCCI Chairman of the Board in the assessment about their overseas marketing activities Ibrahim Burkay, said they continued to consolidate its leading role in the economy of Turkey in Bursa with projects they had put on their vision and life. In 2017, President Burkay reiterated that Bursa had the highest performance in its history with an export figure exceeding 14 billion dollars and stated that they had paid for their work. In 2018, Ibrahim Burkay stated that they are aiming to break export records in all sectors. While our food industry representatives have signed important collaborations in Dubai, our committee, which consists of companies operating in three different sectors, participates in negotiations in Brazil and Argentina at the other end of the world. There is a much more competitive Bursa in the global arena. Küresel


The activities of BTSO within the scope of Ur-Ge projects are supported by the Ministry of Economy. KOSGEB provides significant support to business trips organized within the scope of the Global Fair Agency Project of the Chamber. KOSGEB offers 3 thousand TL for nearby countries and 5 thousand for distant countries for the transportation, accommodation and guidance fees of the companies participating in the organization. BTSO also gives support to every member who makes an application up to 1.000 TL twice a year. BTSO members, is In order to get detailed information about the fairs, you can apply for organizations related to their sectors.

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