Balçova Cable Car enters Annual Maintenance

Balcova Cable Car
Balcova Cable Car

Balçova Teleferik Facility, which was commissioned by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality for the first time in 3, enters the UM annual periodic maintenance hizmet before the season. Facilities will not be available from February to April 5.

By renewing the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the EU standards, 3 was put into service years ago and since the day it was opened, the Balçova Cable Car Facilities, visited by 1.2 million people, are being taken care of. Due to periodic maintenance that is mandatory once a year, 5 will not operate until April, 3 will be available until February.

All the moving and mechanical parts will be dismantled and checked during the maintenance to be made because of the longer service life of the Cable Car Facility and providing safe service. During the maintenance of the facility to ensure uninterrupted operation of the buildings in the facility maintenance and environmental arrangements will be made.

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