49 Seat Passenger Stop to Antalya Gazipaşa

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Gazipaşa to protect the people from the summer heat and winter cold 9 city type, including a total of 49 passenger stands are mounted.

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality makes a difference with the public transportation service it provides. It equips all the neighborhoods from Gazipaşa to Kaş with modern passenger stops produced in their own workshops, making the waiting points of the citizens comfortable. The stop work carried out under the coordination of the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System of the Metropolitan Municipality continues in all districts of Antalya. Finally, the Municipality of Gazipaşa to meet the need to move the Metropolitan Municipality, 9'ın 40'i city center to the 49 pieces, including a stop for the installation of a passenger stop. To date, the city center 9 units completed the installation of passenger stops, rural neighborhoods continue to work.

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