Credit Card Period at Ankarakartta

Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara, with new transportation projects and works continue to delight the capital city.

In this context; The Metropolitan Municipality, which puts the decisions taken in line with the demands and demands of the capitals, finally initiated the balance load on Ankarakart with the credit card in the kiosks.

In accordance with the demands of the capital, Ankara has made revolutionary decisions in the transportation of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna, EGO General Directorate of credit card to load the balance had been instructed to work.

EGO General Directorate, Kızılay subway public station, especially in 54 kiosk 84 metro station with the credit card has started the process of balance loading Ankarakart.

Every day 1 million 200 thousand over the capital EGO'nin using public transport in the transport of vehicles using Ankarakart.

Capitalists will be able to install their credit card and Ankarakart into their kioks and after entering their card passwords, they can easily install the amount they want to Ankarakarts.

With the new balance loading system that can be easily applied to Ankarakart with the credit card in almost every individual's wallet in the world, the necessity of the owners of the capitals for the journey will be eliminated. Thanks to the new application, citizens will be able to fill their electronic tickets easily, quickly and without cost.



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