Smart City Denizli

smart stop station started in the sea
smart stop station started in the sea

Smart City Denizli: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality offers many services to citizens quickly and easily with the updated mobile app. A wide range of services are available from the bus station to the pharmacies on duty, from the address information system to the city cameras located at the 11 separate points of the city, including the Denizli Ski Center.

One of Turkey's leading technological infrastructure that municipalities with Denizli Municipality, offered entirely in the service of citizens, according to the current needs of developing mobile applications developed in-house. In this context, developed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Information Technologies Department; With the update covering tablets and mobile phones with IOS and Android operating systems, citizens can reach many innovations that they can receive service in daily life. The application can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play Store under the name Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.

Where's my bus?

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality mobile application includes Metropolitan Municipality news, announcements, address information system, debt inquiry, pharmacies on duty, cemetery information system, weather forecast, recent earthquakes, city cameras, check & send communication network and transportation modules. While the street map of Denizli is displayed with the Address Information System, the transportation module includes the route, departure times and location information of the buses serving the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus lines.

Denizli Ski Center in the eyes of the world

The application includes news, announcements and announcements of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality and the news sent by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Press and Public Relations Department as a last minute notification to the mobile devices. Updated mobile application and www.denizli.bel.t is With the investment of millions of liras made by the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to the city from the "City cameras" link located at the address, important points in 11 different points of the city can be followed from city cameras. While the "City Cameras" application, which includes Denizli Ski Center, the largest of the Aegean, is watched with great interest by the citizens, it is seen that Denizli is watched from many parts of the world.

"Smart City Denizli"

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said that they closely follow technological developments in order for citizens to lead a more comfortable and comfortable life. Mayor Osman Zolan emphasized that they carry many conveniences to the mobile phones of the citizens with the updated mobile application and said, “Our Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has been awarded with Smart City Applications by our Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for its applications that make life easier for our citizens. Our 23 different smart city applications such as Traffic Management System, School Road Project, Public Transport Control System were highly appreciated. "Our goal with these studies is to raise the living standards of our citizens to a higher level."

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