Adana Municipality Bus Became the Bride Car of the Couple Drivers

In Adana Metropolitan Municipality, the public transportation service was decorated with color and made a journey to happiness.

Ibrahim Farsak (35), who was working in the same unit with Hatice Gefeli (32), one of the female drivers who provided public transportation services in Adana Metropolitan Municipality, entered the world house and the municipal bus became bride cars. Hatice-Ibrahim Persian couple crowning their two-year-old friendship with marriage, went to the wedding hall with the city bus 248, which was the occasion to meet them.

The incident, which led to the marriage with Ibrahim Farsak, who has been driving for the 10 years in the same apartment, started with the failure of the municipal bus. When the bus used by Ibrahim Farsak failed, Hatice Gefeli took one of the spare vehicles. Meanwhile, Hatice Gefeli and Ibrahim Farsak, who started their friendships, decided to get their family's approval and marry.

At the wedding weekend, the driver was the municipal bus which helped the couple meet the bride's car. The bride and groom who carried the guests to the public bus 248, decorated with ribbons and balloons, went to the wedding hall in joy.

Hatice-Ibrahim Farsak farmer who transformed his friendships into life-friends thanked Adana Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü for allocating the city bus as bridal car.

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