Viacom's Turkey Elects Production Base

Steel culverts and bridges are over 30 years of manufacturing in Europe Viacom continues to work, it continues to grow rapidly in Turkey market. Turkey entered the market in 2014, the company has achieved a growth rate of 17 percent last year. The company provides a great opportunity for wild animals to continue their lives in their natural environment with the ecological bridges and culverts it has established.

Turkey and steel grilles for infrastructure projects, especially roads and railways in the world, steel bridges, underpass / overpass and ecological design of the bridge, which was raised by Viacom Turkey's target production and application. Completing the previous year with a 17 percent growth, the company aims to grow at the same rate this year. Viacom as Turkey, so far, domestic and abroad numerous projects for culvert over 1000 and explained that they produce bridge Viacom's Turkey General Manager Onur Basar, the company at the beginning of 2014, said he founded in viaconpolony and Kisan Building partnerships.


Expressing that they increased their number of customers significantly last year, Onur Başar said, “We expect that it will be a year that we will achieve success beyond 2018 with the export agreements we made at the beginning of 2017. We are currently working on new projects in the Middle East, Gulf countries and Iran. We see considerable potential in these markets along with Turkey's power. We started the shipments of our first project in Iran at the beginning of 2018. In 2018, we introduced the machinery investment to produce especially high span steel bridge products. Thus, expanding the product range of both Turkey we aim to increase our success in both the export market, "he said. The company has exported to nearly 2014 countries, primarily Romania and Ethiopia, since the end of 20, when it started to actively start production.

Turkey's awesome that continues rapid development, one of the main pillars of this development was stressed that create the infrastructure and transportation investments. entirely indigenous materials in Turkey, they did produce with craftsmanship and engineering and transportation projects, emphasizing that make a difference in these products rapidly advancing Onur Basar, noted that play a major role in the growth of this project


Saying that there are two projects that they can call a turning point in their growth as a company, Başar said, “We have 2 projects that we can mention as a turning point. The first is the ecological bridge and steel culvert manufacturing we have realized within the scope of Istanbul 3rd Bridge and Northern Marmara Highway. The second one is the steel grilles and underpasses that we produce for the ongoing railway project in Ethiopia. These, together with our technological development, caused our knowledge to increase rapidly. Our products; Beyond being aesthetic, environmentally friendly and economical, it stands out with its ability to manufacture extremely fast. Saving time creates more advantages than costs in many projects. ”

Explaining that the stage of ecological bridge construction varies according to the width of the road and the length of the bridge, Başar noted that its construction usually takes between 1 and 3 months. Honor also provide information about the first ecological bridge in Turkey they do it, "Our first ecological bridge, from the European side of Istanbul 3rd Ring Road exit Yavuz Sultan Selim's Bridge over 2 kilometers away. The narrowest point of the bridge built on a 4 + 4 lane highway is 40 meters wide. ” Noting that still continues in Dubai, one of the major projects under construction, honor it, "we realized the only production in Turkey. The key to the success of Viacom Turkey's young and dynamic team and our customers have confidence in us, "he said.


Citing the ecological bridge benefit Viacom's Turkey General Manager Onur Basar gave the following information: "ecological bridges covered with road on both sides of the interconnects and the nature of the appropriate vegetation, provide a safe passage facilities for living organisms. Research shows that ecological bridges have a very positive effect on the continuation of wildlife. Sometimes it takes time for animals to get used to the ecological bridge. According to research conducted abroad, 2 shows that wild animals have started to use ecological bridges since the year. Yurt

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