MUTTAŞ Airport Passenger Transportation 2 Million Reached

MUTTAŞ, which is the airport transportation service of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, has reached the number of millions of passengers of 2 in Muğla, which has two airports.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Milas-Bodrum and Dalaman Airports in Muğla and launched by the citizens who attracted great interest in the service MUTTAŞ airport transportation by 2 004 thousand 628 30 passengers have moved to date. 21 in the summer, XNUMX modern and comfortable vehicles in the winter months serving the citizens MUTTAS passengers at the airport during the determined time of two hours with great interest from the citizens.

”We are working to give the best service in all areas as metropolitan Çalış

Turkey in Istanbul and said that only two airports in Muğla Muğla Mayor Dr. Osman Gurun said that they started this service in order to ensure that citizens who use airport transportation in transportation get the highest quality service. Mugla Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr.Osman Gürün; Uz As the Metropolitan Municipality in Muğla, we provide services to our citizens in many areas, from roads to transportation, from agriculture to health. Muğla is one of the most special cities of our country and we have two airports in Muğla. We have implemented this service so that our citizens who use air transportation can reach the airport at the time of their arrival, and reach the destination without waiting when the plane lands. With the interest and satisfaction of our citizens, we have served over 2 more than a million passengers. It is important for us that domestic and foreign guests who come to visit our city especially in summer months and our local and foreign guests get quality service, reach their destination and loved ones. Muğla deserves the best of all services. Muğ

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