Mersin Light Rail System Project is planned to be taken to 2018 Program

Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Burhanettin Kocamaz participated in the program organized by MHP Akdeniz District Presidency. In his speech at the program, President Kocamaz gave the good news that the Light Rail System Project was planned for 2018 program in 2018 and that it would be a sea bus, seaplane and helicopter.

Mayor of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, MHP Mersin Deputy Baki Simsek, Toroslar Mayor Hamit Tuna, MHP Mediterranean District President Erdoğan Alkaya, MHP Toroslar District President Hüsnü Doğan, MHP Mut District President Alparslan Savaş Kır , MHP Aydıncık District President Hacı Salan, TÜRKAV Mersin Branch Chairman Mustafa Tekerek, MHP Mersin Provincial and District Managers and councilors, mukhtars and members of the press attended.
”We have won Mersin, we continue to come out“

When they set off in the year of 2014 Mersin, peace, tranquility and brotherhood of the city have promised to make the voicing President Kocamaz, yap Thank God it has been a city of peace, tranquility and brotherhood since 2014. We said that we will bring Mersin to its rightful place, we will not leave it unclaimed. This is because Aziz gave us this order. We also came to Mersin, we continue to leave. Of course we take over currently in Mersin, Turkey was one of the 30 Metropolitan Municipality. However, there was one day before 16 Metropolitan in Turkey, and unfortunately the most backward among these 16 Metropolitan, only the name of the Metropolitan, unfilled, the city was in a state in which our citizens wailed when he went to other metropolitan cities, "he said.

Underlining the fact that Turkish nationalists and mainlanders have always been in a difficult position in this country, President Kocamaz said, imiz We know that our business is very difficult, but with faith and determination, we have said that we can overcome this burden with our fellow lawyers. Thank God for the years of our experience with 20 in Tarsus, we have tried to bring Mersin to a place with a new management approach. Allah

Mr. Kocamaz, who emphasized that Mersin is a special city with all its aspects, said,, We are born and raised in this special city and we are honored to be alive and to serve this city. We said that justice would be where we are, and we have said that we have to provide justice in rural areas, which unfortunately could not receive enough support for service. Thankfully, today, in the regions that have received very infertile service, we have the chance to see Mersin Metropolitan in almost every point of our citizens alan.

”We took over a municipality in the pit“

Noting that they didn't leave an unpaved village in Mersin, President Kocamaz said, falt We took all kinds of services to the feet of our citizens so far. Of course, people and especially politicians forget what is done very quickly. It will repetit what has not been done. Now the political parties that are emerging are saying this. The sea bus was not said, the seaplane was not said, the helicopter was not said, the rail system was not said that they were not said. We did not take over a Metropolitan Municipality. We took over a municipality in the pit. Ti We have taken over a local government in which the Metropolitan Municipality is not a district, a municipality, or even the work of a municipality. Bırak

Iz Our 1 / 100 000 plan is now complete ”

Mr. Kocamaz who talked about the fact that there was not a Master Plan and Transportation Master Plan in Mersin which was previously mentioned in the constitution of the city, said: Koc Imagine a city, this is a Metropolitan Plan, but there is no Master Plan for Transportation. This city really wasted 15 years. From the moment we took office, we started 1 / 100 000. In the same way, we started the studies related to Transportation Master Plan. Again in this city, we knew that the quality management system could be produced by assimilating the services, and by launching these studies, our plan for 1 / 100 000 is now complete. Our 5000 plans for the center were completed. Outside of this, we have completed our works related to Transportation Master Plan Bun.

As the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, the Transport Master Plan made a request especially for Havaray. However, President Kocamaz added that the Ministry did not receive approval from the Ministry and added, lar In the last month of October, it took a decision to implement this as a Light Rail System. Of course, after that, we went to the tender for the project and our tender will be finalized these days. Approximately 8-10 within a period of months to complete and train the project will receive the 2018 program, "he said.
”Mersin was a thirsty city di

President Kocamaz said, ol The sea bus, seaplane and helicopter will be in service for Mersin by the end of this year. Mersin was truly a thirsty city. In particular, our rural muhtars experienced this work very much. Politicians were welcomed with drums zurna if the 2018 meters, 300 meters or 500 mines covered asphalt were built on the route of a village. But we are asphalting thousands, hundreds of thousands of roads, our citizens are really satisfied with this issue. They have stated that they have received the services they cannot receive until today. But there are many ways to go and much work to be done. For this, we need your support and God's help very much. We want to manage all districts in Mersin with MHP management staff. Biz

During the process leading to local elections, MHP was organized by the Mediterranean District Presidency and the victims were interrupted and prayers were read.

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