Kocaoglu Announces Pay As You Go in İZBAN

OĞUZ ÖRNEK from Haberhürriyeti made an interview with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu about the “pay as you go application”.

The article written by OĞUZ ÖRNEK after the interview is as follows;

IZBAN'da new 'Pay As You Go' system response to criticism and 'Have you ever been broke?' I participated in writing with the title. In summary, 'home from the pocket of the 5 pounds have to go out with thousands of citizens. Now you're calling it (if the 10 isn't an overriding or outpouring). Have you ever been broke, or have you forgotten your days? ' I asked.

TCDD / İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is the partner of 50 shares;

We made reference to both. State Railways should never have been taken over. No sound from him. On behalf of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu called. '' Yes, I was very penniless, '' he said. He explained his experiences to learn in the past for a period of commercial life without forgetting what it means. He thanked for criticism with a humorous approach.

"Can I write?" I asked. '' I did not call for typing misunderstanding '' he said. 'Then the citizen's criticism by taking answers,' 'I said. I asked, he answered. '' If I were, I would have waited a little more for this system, '' he said. 90 added that the minutes were continuing and other transportation alternatives other than İZBAN continued with the old method. Extends questions. Only the point of the answers, virgülü transfer with;

'' Available 136 mileage. 190-200 kilometer when Pergamum is built. For these, it is a great handicap.

I offer it to your discretion;

Of course you can criticize it. On the subject of 'no money?' I was so broke. I was very victimized. Of course, when doing business from my own fault and so on (pre-presidential);

I've had a lot of weekends when I don't have 2 tea drinks on Sundays. I want you to know.

I've had very troubled times with my older son. I stopped running, I tried to do business; The child wants to travel, I wanted something to do in Bornova, in the fields, together with laflaya laflaya. I don't have money in my pocket, so the kid doesn't want anything. I know it's work.

I'm not being taken away from you.

There is something like this;

I'm not doing it on any other line. ESHOT is detached. I have long lines, I don't. I can apply the same system there, I don't do them in my long lines. But it is imperative to pass such a system in İZBAN. I believe in this.


You're going to say, 'E, Aziz Kocaoglu, would you have gone through this at this stage?'

A little more patience. I digested the 80 mileage, digested the 110 kilometer, could be more patient, and I would probably pass by this time.

But this is today; also inevitably be passed.

Not a raise anyway.

The continuation of the old system is not possible in terms of equity.

(We asked the proposal to collect the difference on the way out);

But it will cause a greater distress. You have to cut through, don't read or read, and it's more problematic. That's how the world does it.

Yaa; even now; 'If your friend doesn't have the money that I credit it until the 5 pounds, if it does not pay, if it changes the card, - ESHOT can not do this to the staff zimmet out of staff - I'm going to pay my pocket' I suggested to friends. He would create a separate contradiction ball; to be done and to be done right alone. Now the 136 mileage thing is the same money, it is also not fair.

Already a large part of our passenger, between Sirinyer and Cigli. There is already a price increase is not in question. So, a friend from Sirinyer to Cigli will go with the same money again. I will go again with a single ticket. And in the meantime, it will use the transfer. The transfer has not been lifted today.

I see before I make a decision; especially on a subject like this, the number of my work for this job exceeds 20-25. What did he go through? We brought friends, we tried, we said, 'this place didn't happen'. This is the most equitable system that can be done right now. We made at least a hundred alternatives. So we calculated it all and we did it.

(Only Alsancak and Halkapınar plus money machine centered, 5 odd to this point, after this point 5 quoted more call to call);

Then you will put it down. We thought so many alternatives that ohoooo! It is important that we do not make mistakes on such details. So we sat down with friends, all of this was thought. More than a hundred suggestions came to me, we finally decided.,

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