We have enough time to take the Gebze Metro

The first concrete step for the metro in Kocaeli was taken yesterday. The tender for the construction of the Gebze Metro, which is planned to be constructed between Gebze and Darica, is approximately 15.

A really important step. In 1980, the tram was started to be talked in Izmit. After about 35 years we boarded the tram and loved it ..

But we could almost complete the construction of the 8 kilometer tramway in almost 2 a year.

Metro great work. Metro, which will be built in the region where the traffic density is the most severe in Gebze, will be integrated with the metros of Istanbul. Metropolitan Municipality of Gebze will build the Metro. For Izmit, there is a need for government support. After 2019, project work will begin.

In our city, we are obliged to take public transportation, people's jobs, homes, schools and homes. Because there is no space above the ground.

But when is this work done? .. 30 a few years in the 8 kilometer trams in the 15-16-60 kilometer subway in a few years can finish? .. Our generations, namely, based on the age of XNUMX, human life, no matter how long in this city I don't think you can see Metro. But you have to start from a job. If not at all, our children, our grandchildren draw the suffering we suffer, in this city underground underground and everywhere you can come and go.

Source: İsmet ÇİĞİT - www.ozgurkocaeli.com.t is



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