Reconciliation of Gediz Junction and High Speed ​​Train Projects

The high-speed train to be built between Ankara-Izmir and the Gediz Junction (Manisa Bus Station Different Level Interchange), which has been on the agenda of Manisa for a long time, resulted with the initiatives of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in the northern passage of Manisa. As a result of the initiatives of the Metropolitan Municipality, a consensus was reached between the State Railways and General Directorate of Highways, and the intersection project was approved as of today. The high-speed railway line station was also integrated with the starting point of the new buses to be installed behind the Intercity Bus Terminal.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which produces projects on traffic problems in line with the needs of citizens throughout the province, has also contributed to the solution of two important problems that have been on Manisa's agenda for many years. Due to the fact that the high-speed train and the high-speed train crossed over the same area, the dispute between the General Directorate of Highways and the General Directorate of State Railways was resolved by the meetings of the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa in Ankara. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality officials, the first prepared in meetings and Manisa Intercity Bus Terminal about 1,5 kilometers away from the high speed train station to ensure the integrity of the intercity bus terminal is recommended to bring. Following the solution of the Metropolitan Municipality, a consensus was reached between the institutions.

Gediz Intersection Project Approved
The project of intersection has been approved as of today after the agreement reached with the great efforts of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. As a result of the integration of the high-speed train line station with the starting point of the electric buses which will be established in the terminal as a result of the high-speed train, the passengers coming to Ankara from Manisa will be able to reach the city center by electric buses in a fast way. A transportation facility that is synchronized together will be provided. On the other hand, the approval of the approved projects by the General Directorate of Highways, the General Directorate of Highways work on expropriation and tender will be initiated.

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