İsa Apaydın Discover the beauty of winter with the railway

TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınRaillife's article titled “Discover the Beauty of Winter in Railway ayı was published in February.


We are in a period of heavy winter conditions in our country.

Regardless of the conditions of the season, railways and troublesome journeys turn into pleasure.

We are in the effort to offer enjoyable journeys by watching the unique beauty of Anatolia covered with white cover.

All our teams, especially in the eastern regions, continue to fight against snow day and night despite the minus 30 cold.

Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya and Konya-Istanbul between the operating and connection services, our country's population of 40 serving high-tech equipped with high-tech technology and high-speed trains, the interest in the winter is increasing.

In addition to our high-speed trains, we are pleased with the interest of our trains to the eastern regions where winter conditions are more severe.

In particular, we are experiencing a demand boom in our Eastern Express, which operates between the capital Ankara and our Serhat city, Kars.

Press members and literary artists, photographers, film and theater artists, including the public from all walks of the community is flocking to the Eastern Express.

The photographs they took during their travels and shared on social media increase the interest in public trains.

TCDD Transportation Company, which is a subsidiary of our Company, is offered the opportunity to travel to the Eastern Express by adding wagons to the Eastern Express.

Our railways, which have become the preferred transportation sector with the investments we have made since 2003; This year we will be inaugurated at Başkentray, Konya-Karaman high-speed railway and Gebze-Halkalı suburban line will continue to serve more people.

Have a nice trip İyi




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