Irregular SAMKART Usage Control in Samsun

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, SAMULAŞ, someone else's discount or free for people who use Samkart'u audits continues.

Within this scope, Samkart inspections are carried out in the tram station, ring and express buses and Private Public Buses within the body of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ. A discounted or free of charge users of SAMKART is identified and the minutes are kept and the irregularities are tried to be prevented.

SAMULAŞ Financial Affairs Manager Ela Alok ılmış 15.06.2017 date and Xonum 2017 XVIX 3 15 2017 50 200 has been used since the date of the introduction of illegal card use penalties have been increased. 2 100, 400, 3. 212 is XNUMX TL and XNUMX with full ticket fee. In the case of improper use, the personalized Samkart is closed for use, and within a year, the person is not given a Samkart and the person is legally imposed. Our bus drivers or security guards perform these checks. Those who do not want to hand over the card to the staff and those who bring difficulties are delivered to the police. Since the beginning of the implementation of the XNUMX pieces of unseen Samkart was confiscated. Ğı He said.

Objective: To prevent the use of illegal Samkart.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ Financial Affairs Manager Ela Alok stated that taş SAMKART, which is used in public transportation vehicles in Samsun and reaches to approximately 500 thousand, is working within SAMULAŞ Smart Ticket Management System. The inspections will take place in the Rail System, Samulaş Ring and Express buses and Private Public Buses. Our friends are in an effort to do their job with great dedication and diligence. We have about 100 thousand citizens who use trams and buses, our aim is to prevent the use of the irregular Samkart UM.

People who use a discounted card or a free card to read the Samrums of the turnstiles from the sound card related to the voicemail is the same, the attendant at the time of the person checking the photo and identification information and cards are confiscated with someone else's cards.

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 18:09

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