Mayor Kocaoglu Tells Taxis to Taxis

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu came together with the taxi drivers in the city and talked about the new period that will start with the launch of Konak Tramway. Mayor Kocaoğlu said that, as with all projects, they take care to do business in the tram without sacrificing any segment. Celil Anık, the President of the Chamber of Drivers, said: “There are only metro, tram and taxi in the centers of big metropolitan areas. There is no private car. For this reason, I am not afraid of the tram as the chairman of the shopkeeper and the metro will become widespread in this city. ”

A happy ending has also been reached in the Konak stage of the tram investment initiated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in the name of an environmentally friendly, modern and comfortable urban transportation. Taxi shopkeepers, which are among the important elements of the transportation sector, were informed about the Konak Tramway, where trial runs continue, and the new period to begin in traffic. Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu came together with the Izmir Drivers and Automobile Chamber of Craftsmen members. In the meeting held at the Municipality Assembly Hall, various presentations were made on the effects of tram life on urban traffic, the new traffic pattern to be formed on the Halkapınar-Üçkuyular axis, and how the taxi drivers will be affected by this process. It was stated that the tram technology is the transportation system that provides the lowest levels of carbon dioxide emission and the traffic density in the city will decrease with the towing of buses on the route.

Kadir Sertpoyraz, the Head of Izmir Transportation Department, and Mehmet Ergenekon, the Head of the Rail Systems Department, made a presentation.

We don't victimize anyone
Speaking after the presentations, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that the taxi driver's shopkeepers also served as a public officer and said, “I will fill the 14th year of my duty in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality a month later. In the works we do, we always look at this: Do we do good or bad to our citizens? We are looking at what kind of opportunities we can offer to our citizens who will inevitably suffer from some projects. ”

Mayor Kocaoglu, continued:
“As in the important metropolises of the world, it will lose its attraction, and it must lose, to come to the city center with private vehicles. 11 km. We had a subway. Now 180 km with tram. We have a rail system. With the launch of the Konak Tramway, we will be able to bring our fellow citizens faster, more comfortable and safer to the city center. By increasing the parking lots at the transfer points, we will ensure that the city center is reached by a more rail system. You will increase your profitability by not waiting in traffic and working at a short distance. 90 minutes transfer was implemented for the first time in Turkey in Izmir. And the cheapest transportation is now in Izmir. Low-income people live far from the center. We support an average of 90 TL per person per month in the pocket of the citizen with 150 minutes. ”

We are looking for solution for district vans
İzmir Metropolitan Mayor continued his words as follows: “As our borders grow, 11 districts were included in the system with the amendment of the law while making public transportation in 30 districts. Therefore, it is the most natural right to benefit from the public transportation system of the municipality, such as in Konak and Bornova, as well as the price application. Let's assume that we did this. The municipality buys 1000 buses and starts this business. However, we tried not to disturb the status of public transport unions and cooperatives by carrying out the price policy in a balanced way and doing this job at certain hours. There are those who inherit this work from his father and grandfather. Whatever the situation of the taxi driver is, the situation of the minibus friends in the cooperative is the same. While we develop the city and provide young people with jobs, we are faced with the decision to leave so many friends unemployed. Then we have to build a system.

We said, let's make a tender. Let there be a union or cooperative in each district. Let that union ensure the liaison of that district with İzmir and its contact with the district and villages. Let ESHOT manage the administration. But there is a problem in our tender legislation. Cooperatives that have made public transportation during their lifetime cannot participate in the tender. Since a job completion certificate is requested, those who do not have an invoice from an official institution cannot enter the tender. However, companies can participate in the tender. This problem needs to be solved from Ankara, from above. I made every attempt. But the tradesmen are more likely to rest than us. We can't get out of business. If I set up a system, we will integrate friends who carry public transport into our system and prolong the life of doing this work. We always strive for the best of our curve that we can do for you by meeting with our president and friends. ”

Celil Anık: “The rail system is the reality of the world”
Celil Anık, Chairman of İzmir Chauffeurs and Automobile Chamber of Craftsmen Chamber of Commerce, stated that the development of rail systems is a reality of the world, “There are only metro, tram and taxi in the centers of big metropolises. There is no private car. For this reason, I am not afraid of the tram and the metro becoming widespread in this city. Stating that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's point of view to tradesmen is very different from other cities and Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu is always with the tradesman, “We are pleased with you. We do not forget those who serve tradesmen. I also Turkey Drivers and Vehicle Federation I am a member of the Board of Directors. I know what's happening in other cities. I do not distinguish political parties. Quit, ask other cities. ”

Reminding that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has reduced its license fees to 2008 TL as of 5, the license purchase was made every year and the shopkeepers were facilitated by the arrangement regarding taxi offices, and said, “I thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality very much. We are very satisfied. We are in a brotherly relationship with them. We don't necessarily have every request. But they don't block us. We receive a positive response to all of our reasonable requests. I would like to thank you for your efforts to keep our jobs running smoothly and without delay. ”

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