3. Airport Logistics Center

The Ministry of Economy has released its e-Export Strategy and Action Plan. According to the plan, the regions to be determined, especially the Third Airport, will be transformed into logistics centers. Thus, Turkey's aim is to make an e-commerce center.

Turkey, e-3 in exports. The airport is preparing to use as a logistics center. In this context, a center will be set up at the Third Airport, which includes the collection, distribution, customs clearance and return of the product. Here, not only to shipments from Turkey, the implementation of global and regional e-commerce platform will be supplied through logistics operations. The e-Export Strategy and Action Plan prepared by the Ministry of Economy covering the years 2018-2020 was published.


According to the plan, mainly 3. Areas to be determined, including the airport, will be transformed into regional logistics centers. Thus, the e-export company will be able to access a wide region with low cost and high speed. 3. A center will be established at the airport that includes all logistic processes such as product collection, distribution and customs clearance. With this center, logistics operations carried out via global or regional e-commerce platforms will be carried out through Istanbul. Thus, Turkey will become a center of e-commerce.

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