3. Demands of Workers who Revolted at the Airport were Accepted

3 which comes up with the work killings. workers in the construction camp of Akpinar in the construction of the airport rebelled against working conditions

3 on the agenda with work killings. Akpınar workers camp in the construction site of the airport workers rebelled against the working conditions and marched to the camp.

According to the report, forward workers, about 30 thousand workers work on the work site where the single rooms 2'ya, 2 4'a rooms, 4 people to the room to raise employees 6 people revolted.


Workers marched towards the camp supervisor with the slogans doğru We want to live humane İş. Istanbul Grand AirPort (IGA) Camp Amiri threatened the workers and said, yap Go back to your rooms and if you do so, you will all be crammed in those rooms. İstanbul

. IGA management does not know that the number of people in the rooms is increasing, please go back to your rooms lam was used in the statement from the management.


Workers' demands were accepted after meeting with the camp supervisor formed by workers working at the airport.

The demands of the committee composed of workers; U food problem to be solved, wooden board drying in the rooms to be solved, there is odor in the toilets, pollution problems will be solved, empty rooms will be detected 6 people left to be shipped to empty rooms sorun headings contained.

Source : www.evrensel.net

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