Akçaray January 2018 Passenger Carries By 3.796.453

Union of Turkish World Municipalities (TDBB) and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, 1 August 2017 commenced to serve in the town of Akçaray along with citizens traveled. Akçaray, which has shown great support by the people after it started to provide service to the people, carried a total of 2018 passengers with 12 vehicles as of January 3.796.453. Akçaray, which works with a performance above the targeted number of passengers, continues to provide service to Kocaelis under Transportation.


In order to achieve high quality and safe public transportation services, Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu, mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, said, park Today, this success continues with Akçaray. Citizens not customer-oriented guest-oriented service. For this reason, I would like to once again thank all of our employees at our Transportation Manager General Manager Yasin Özlü. We believe that Transportpark, which has left its citizens for two years behind the service path, will continue to be in the service of our people with new breakthroughs every year. Vat


Citizens, especially young people, during the journey sohbet President Karaosmanoğlu had the chance to hear once again the satisfaction of the service provided. Turkey's improved every day and stated that the President Karaosmanoğlu Kocaeli, he stressed that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the area to serve the public and to provide opportunities. Karaosmanoğlu said that while reaching the goal of modern and model Kocaeli, we had to achieve this quality standard reached by the civilization and that they made great investments in transportation, “We realized the qualification tender for our Metro project, which will be located between Darıca, Gebze and OIZs. We continue to work and produce for the happiness of our people ”.

”HAPPY FACE gives us peace and strength“

This works to the passengers who expressed their thanks for his tram services that meet your saying Kocaeli Metropolitan Mayor Abraham Karaosmanoğlu, "Strong Turkey's Kocaeli our people with the work we have put forth every day we make to reach a more comfortable life. We have every last chance to serve our people. Happy faces give us peace and power. Mutlu



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