127 Million Lira With National Tram Savings

Kayseri by the choice of the vehicles produced in Turkey hafifrayl system tools were provided about 127 million pounds of savings.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, which wants to continue with domestic vehicles instead of light rail systems imported from Italy, went on to buy vehicles auction about 3 years ago. The contractor firm that produces the tender in Ankara Sincan Organized Industrial Zone Bozankaya Automotive kazanwas.

Italian Ansaldo Breda production was paid to tram cars at a cost of 2,3 million per vehicle, while technology and capacity for 1,4 million euros were introduced to the more advanced domestic vehicles. As a result of local production trams directed to the 30 fleet, approximately 127 million pounds were saved.

Feyzullah Gündoğdu, General Manager of Kayseri Transport Company, who also served as the Vice President of the International Association of Public Transporters (UITP), told the AA correspondent that the 4 departed years ago for the local tram preference. Gundogdu about the work they do, for the purpose of progress in the direction they have found the opportunity to be passed.


The contractor firm that produces the tender in Ankara kazanGündoğdu stated that they were careful in the tender process and that they were meticulous in the tender process, and said: “Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality went to the rail system tender in 2014. In order to develop the domestic industry and to close the current account deficit, which is one of the most important problems of our country, we have prepared our specifications for a domestic vehicle. We have developed a model to support domestic production in our country. The tender was made according to this model. A local company won the tender, as local companies were given an advantage in the tender. kazanit's gone. These domestic vehicles were produced in Ankara entirely with the design of Turkish engineers. We took delivery of our first vehicle in 2016. Our tram was put into service towards the middle of 2016. It attracted great interest from our people as it was produced by local and Turkish engineers. In the past years, we bought a rail system vehicle from Italy. The cost of the imported vehicles was 2,3 million euros for us. The cost of the domestic vehicle is about 1,4 million euros. Therefore, we have gained an advantage of approximately 900 thousand Euros. 30 million Euros in a fleet of 27 vehicles kazanWe have provided three. Our foreign currency did not go abroad. If we consider this in terms of Turkish lira, approximately 127 million liras have remained in the safe of the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality.”


Gündoğdu stated that the local tram is 100 percent local in the field of design and 60 percent locally in terms of mechanics. Gündoğdu emphasized that the local tram excels in terms of design, passenger transport and capacity compared to imported vehicles. I can tell. Approximately 2 million passengers have been transported in 12 years with our domestic vehicles. In addition, 1,2 million kilometers were also traveled. While the passenger capacity of the vehicles we purchase from Italy is 276, the capacity of our domestic design vehicles is 300. Therefore, there is a difference in terms of capacity. The average number of passengers we carry daily in the rail system is 100 thousand. ” used expressions.


Stating that the number of domestic trams is 30 and they want to increase this in the future, Gündoğdu stated that approximately 2017 million passengers were transported by these vehicles in 8,5. Gündoğdu added that with all domestic and imported rail system vehicles, he has traveled around the world so far with 123 tours, and that these vehicles earned approximately 2017 million lira in 11,5.

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