Operation of Olive Branch Will Not Affect Civil Flights

Minister Arslan made evaluations about the Operation of Olive Branch, which continued during the contract signing ceremony of the transfer of 15 percent of the Hong Kong transportation company PAL Express to PTT.

Turkey's future and stability for that also continued to invest in studies for transport infrastructure on the one hand while fighting with one hand, the terrorist organization stressed Arslan, "In our country there are very significant developments also in our region, but we recognized, that the country continues uninterrupted also and development growth. For this, we will not compromise our goals in any way. As both the Government and the Ministry, we continued to increase the work we need to do economically even on our heaviest days. ” he spoke.

Arslan said that the operation was carried out successfully and said:

“The Turkish Armed Forces are continuing their operations both in our borders, outside our borders and in neighboring countries, especially to ensure security and to prevent the innocent citizens there from being more victims. Our aim is to prevent terrorist incidents that affect our future, inside and outside the country, in this sense, to remove the terrorists that are the source of terrorist incidents from those regions. The operations will continue until the stage where the terrorists cooperating with the traitors will no longer be in this region. ”

Syria and neighboring countries stated that they Arslan defends the territorial integrity, but stressed that they would not allow the nesting of damage to a terrorist organization and Turkey.

Leo, the friendly people of the region and pointing to what they see as a brother in this context, he said Turkey has opened its arms to 3,5 million Syrians. Arslan made the following assessment:

“If your neighbor is restless, you are also restless, while our neighbors are losing their lives, 'We are peaceful.' I can not say. Therefore, we wish success to our armed forces and soldiers in Operation Olive Branch. The peace of the region is important not only for us, but for the whole region. My only wish is to complete our mission and return to our country victoriously. Everyone knows our sensitivity towards the civilian population. Today, everyone should know that Mehmetçik'i and our executives are very cautious in this regard, the objective is to clear the terror and people find peace by eliminating terrorism from this region. "

Olive Branch Operation within the scope of operations from the air while providing the necessary support that transfers Arslan, said:

“As Turkish civil aviation, we are in consultation with the TAF, we act together. Necessary measures are taken to prevent civilian flights from being affected in any way. As long as we direct civil and military flights at different altitudes in terms of altitude, they do not have any problems. Again, this operation has another feature. There are no civilian flights in the Syrian airspace in that region. However, it is not possible for civilian flights close to the border to be affected by the operation.

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