Uzunkopru OSB, BALO and Silk Road

Prime Minister 2017 opened the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku railway project in October, and 30 paid the train train to Edirne in December. The public has misunderstood that these train projects are focused on carrying passengers. Demirtaş- also in UzunköprüHalkalı Expectations to be brought back. Similarly, the opposite corner is in Corlu. When the high-speed train from Edirne will be passed through the center of Corlu, Çorluliler reacted seriously. Who are they gonna carry?

Come on, let me tell you clearly what is this train job first:

First of all, these railroad projects; Marmaray, 3. The bridge, the Canakkale bridge at the stage of the plan, and even the canal project that looks like a crazy job are the materials of the same dish. Chinese business is called SILK ROAD.

This huge multinational project, officially launched by the Chinese president, Shi'i Jinping, at 2013, connects the major destinations in Europe, Africa, the Caucasus and Asia, which are the “trading lu logistics importance. The $ 2014 40 billion in capital for China Silk Road Economic Zone established the Fund and in November the same year Turkey also has launched a joint $ 100 billion Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the capital. here the government of Turkey for the construction of the line was given $ 30 billion appropriation.

The most strategic route of the IPEK ROAD PROJECT, which consists of a total of 6 lines, is London-Paris-Moscow-Scandinavia-Balkans-TRAKYA-Ankara-Tehran-Baku and Beijing train line. The TRAKYA line is now clear.

Edirne-Istanbul route due to Sofia interconnection. We wrote a lot in time, we told a lot. Eskiköy only a few field speculators to earn money, Uzunkögrülular faster cheaper to pull cheap head in Greece to go to pursue the urge to open the customs of customs. We have the Demirtas to customs as we have. Let's lobby with the Greek side. Let's connect Sofia interconnect to Pityon-Uzunköprü. The final decision maker said somehow money and the owner of the project in China. We put a free zone in it, we said specialized customs, we said we said. We could not tell. Anyway, there's no need to stay on the past. Because the opportunity continues. How Does?

As you can clearly understand, the SILK ROAD PROJECT is a project for transporting goods not passengers. As a matter of fact, every country in the project connects the most important industrial zones with IPEK ROAD project with local projects. These provisions in Turkey's approach carried out by TOBB and briefly called the Greater Anatolia Logistics Organizations BALL project. The aim of BALO is the same as other countries. To provide the rail sector with intermodal transportation services. BALO's Thrace center is Tekirdağ port. The railway line connecting to the Asian Port has attracted your attention. Even Barbaros-Altinova-Ramada Hotel in the area between your ear planlanlandığı came as Turkey's biggest integrated logistics base. At least those who follow my writings will remember that I have voiced BALO and the voyages after that. Now, without further ado, I will bring the issue to the Uzunköprü Joint Organized Region (UKOSB).

Put the Thrace map of the BALO projects to the other side and the logistic advantage of Uzunköprü on your own. UKOSB for Uzunköprü for a larger historical opportunity than you have come to grasp yourself. While congratulating UTSO on one side, Hayrabolu is away from the Hanzo industrial zone approach; understand why we are pushing for the abandonment of the arrogant possession ego and, moreover, for a full visionary plan in the initial phase.

We are qualified to come to UKOSB with qualified industrial production and ward of the cleaner industry which makes export and export. The most accurate approach you can adapt to this variant is to offer a logistical advantage. Freight cost and fast delivery are the most crucial points of the Hi-Tech industry. The UKOSB to BALO; therefore, the vision of integration into the IPEK ROAD, which will connect to Europe, Russia, Africa, Iran, the Caucasus, Asia and China, is to hit 12. Our station is a serious instrument. What needs to be done is clear. All our strength is to connect Demirtaş to BALO via UKOSB. And please note; The grain-based licensed warehousing zone will be located two steps ahead of UKOSB. Thus, Uzunköprü has all the materials to be a logistics, production and storage center with everything around the world. I call this prayer amen; Believing and ”knowing inan you?

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