Usakta Train Chemical Item Loaded Clash

The locomotive numbered 37004, which departed in Afyonkarahisar early yesterday morning, hit a 22-ton chemical-laden truck at the level crossing in Uşak. Due to the impact, the chemical-filled barrels in the trailer of the TIR were scattered around.

The lorry driver claimed that the barrier was not closed during the crossing of the gate, he heard the siren of the locomotive but was staying on the rails because it was very close. The region was quarantined because of the chemicals that were poured into the environment. The railway which was closed for a while was unpacked after the truck was lifted.

The teams from the Environment and Urbanization Directorate started an investigation by taking samples from the scene. KazanThe Uşak-Denizli road, where the incident took place, was closed to traffic. Authorities related to the accident launched an investigation.


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