Turkey Common Payment Platform Protocol Signed

Transport Ministry and to produce national and local solutions in the process of digitalisation of money, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry under the auspices of Turkey's banking, telecommunications, joined forces companies serving the transportation and finance. It represents Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with its experience and know-how on the platform of BELBİM A.Ş Ödeme Electronic Payment System İstanbul.

To facilitate the life of Istanbul, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality works with all its units under the rule of 7 / 24. I BELBER IMM Inc. subsidiary used in the public transport system in Istanbul, "Istanbul Card", as well as services offered to all of Istanbul in Turkey with a similar new features that offer wider opportunities.

Thanks to the cooperation of BELBİM A.Ş., Denizbank, PTT, Turkcell, Türk Telekom and Vakıf Katılım, which are one of İBB subsidiaries, it is aimed to easily meet the payment needs of citizens in their daily lives such as money transfer, shopping, transportation in a single platform.

Transportation, hosted by the Maritime and Communication Ministry, held in Ankara in the Prime Minister's auspices in Turkey Common Payment Platform '(Toop) introductory meeting the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor top of the companies forming platform with Mevlut Uysal level officials attended.

-24 We Launched Years ago
Speaking at the ceremony, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his term as Mayor of Istanbul reminded that he also served as IDO Director, Büyük We actually started to do this exactly 24 years ago. BELBİM, a subsidiary of IMM, had AKBİL built in that period. Full 24 years ago, önce he said.

Prime Minister Yıldırım said that 6 distinguished organizations came together and developed a technological tool to facilitate the work of citizens, on this platform, PTT with a glorious past of 177 years, Türk Telekom with 160-170 years of history, Turkcell, Denizbank, Vakıf Participation Bank and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality stated that the company is BELBIM.

These companies combined their forces to give such a service to come together to tell the Lightning, last year, when the rumors of economic crisis emerged public and private banks come together to provide opportunities to breathe small medium businesses reminded me.

The money transfer and payment possibilities that prepared the platform even easier, Yildirim said that the integration project, "no matter where in Turkey's. You will get on the municipal bus, you will not have a ticket, they may not have a transportation card. Turkey will send your payment with your pocket cards. In the wallet, you won't have to carry 10 cards when that card says this card. With a single card, this business can be summarized in any form of payment. Thus, time-consuming losses will be prevented, and of course, the registration system will become stronger in the economy ”.

-The Basis of This Work Was Taken by the President of the Republic of Turkey
'Turkey Common Payment Platform (Toop) Speaking at the public presentation ceremony Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Mevlüy Uysal, said technology is of value unless it serves the people. Underlining that technology cannot have any meaning for people unless they make a difference in their normal lives, President Uysal said, ı Technology is important for those who engage in, and especially those who are interested in, these things. Maybe we can only benefit from technology, but how important it is for the future. Belki

'Turkey Common Payment Platform (Toop) the system can be considered the ancestor Tayyip Erdogan Prime Minister Recep Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, Istanbul Metropolitan in the period in which they found in the Municipality President tame speech reminding realized he continued: "Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister that in IMM electronic payment system was introduced in the period. IETT starting with this system again in Turkey Common Payment Platform, one of the founders BELBER I had offered to Istanbul Company. With the realization of the service of the SRSP, the aim was to provide better quality service to the citizens. We use Istanbul Card in Istanbul public transportation systems as IMM. Our daily passenger number in Istanbul is around 13 and a half million. This means that we make life easier for our people. Now you can use your card in Istanbul with the SRSP system and you will be able to use it when you move to the borders of Kocaeli Metropolitan. Artık

. I would like to thank to the Minister of Transport and to our Prime Minister and to all of our companies who created the SRSP,. Said President Uysal.

Following the speeches, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlut Uysal together with the executives of the companies forming the SRSP signed a protocol on the stage. Prime Minister Yildirim, Minister Arslan and President Uysal and other members of the protocol made a commemorative photo on the stage.

- 43 of Citizens of the Population
'Turkey Common Payment Platform' (Toop) with the formalization of the economy through the digitization of money, important benefits such as make your bank account with no national cell phone from money transfers and transportation payments will be offered the service of citizens.

Regardless of where in Turkey with Toop, county, town, village or neighborhood citizens, regardless of which may benefit from these services. Considering the fact that the 43 of the citizens is not a bank account, the advantages of the STP will be better understood.

-Signal Submission Under Registration-
With the entry of the SRSP into the lives of citizens, the registration data of the country, which is of high importance, and the informal money transfers and purchases will be recorded. Paying money, which is vital for citizens, but seems unimportant at first glance, to pay for electricity bills, send money to the soldier's son or gurbetteki father can easily be done on a single platform with a common network.

outside companies that make up the platform, which will be managed by a neutral Toop commercial title "Turkey Inc. Common Payment Platform will be".

How will the SPO facilitate the life of the citizen?
• All daily expenses from shopping to transportation can be made easily and safely.
• belonging to Turkey and will actually located quite strategically important countries of Payment Data
• Unregistered money transfer and purchases will be registered.
• 43 of the population, and people who do not have a bank account, such as money transfer and money transfer will bring financial transactions.
• Swap commissions paid to overseas payment schemes will decrease.
• Costs will be reduced by sending money via virtual wallet.
• Safety standards will be increased.
• SMEs will be able to reach hundreds of thousands of people without cost.

- How will the PTT Work?

-We have examples in the world-
Without discriminating all GSM company subscribers can benefit from the SEP in all areas of life will provide citizens. From transportation to shopping, from cinema to football encounters will take place in all areas of life, such as TOÖP, HGS, kiosks bill payments, restaurants will facilitate mobile payments.

The TOÖP, which has similar examples in the world, serves its citizens in countries such as ”Vocalink (United Kingdom), Equens (Europe), Nets (Singapore), Swish (Sweden) Dün.

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