Had the European Championship in Turkey Flight Network

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, Europe Airports Council (ACI) by the Airport Hub Connection Report, expanding Turkey's flight network, the 10-year period, 591 percent, 1st in Europe in terms of growth rates in the world, the 7th reported that it rose to the queue.

Stating that the Airport Hub Connection Report of the European Airports Council (ACI) has been announced, Arslan said in his statement that Istanbul Atatürk Airport ranked 20th among the 7 fastest growing airports in the world in global hub connectivity.

In the analysis made according to the increase in hub connectivity in the 2007-2017 period, Arslan emphasized that Atatürk Airport is the first European airport in Europe with an increase of 591% and the only European airport in the world. The third stated that Brussels ranks 10th.

Arslan pointed out that, according to last year's data, Istanbul Atatürk Airport ranked 20th in the list of 4 airports at the most in Europe.

Ataturk Airport; Arslan pointed out that Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris took its place in the ranking after Charles De Geulle airports and that Heathrow Airport was in the fifth place.

Emphasizing that Atatürk Airport was ranked 591th in 2007 as the fastest growing hub in Europe with 13 percent, Arslan said that “Atatürk Airport, which ranked 10th in Europe in 9 in direct connection flights While the airport rose to 2007th place in 20, it became the airport that developed the most direct flights in Europe, with an increase of 2017 percent in the 5-year period. " he spoke.

Turkey's Arslan stated that linking strategy a detailed analysis of the ACI report on the structures reported in the Turkish Airlines (THY) connections that evaluated in a separate category and Gulf countries with THY their effects on European hub connection, he said under the spotlight.

Arslan pointed out that THY, which had a 2007 percent share in the market in 0,6 in connecting flights from Europe to other parts of the world, increased this rate to 2017 percent in 3,6, and in connecting flights from Europe to Asia, THY He stated that within 10 years it had increased its market share from 1,1 percent to 4,6 percent.

In the report, Turkey is a slight decrease in 2017 in the European flight connections (6 percent) experienced that the place given that transfers the Minister Aslan, the treacherous coup attempt occurred on July 15, the attacks made to prevent the growth it achieved in Turkey's aviation, laptops and the prohibition of all protectionist Despite the policy it reported that Turkey's civil aviation continued to grow.

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