'Tour Of Mersin' with the World to Pedal Mersin

The preparations for the Tour of Mersin, the International Bike Tour, will be held this year by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. The first executive board meeting of Tour Of Mersin was held.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality execution made the Sports Facilities Board meeting, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General while under the chairmanship of Hasan Gökbel, meeting Mersin Youth Services and Sports Department Manager Ali Osman Baby, Provincial National Education Branch Manager Behzat rigid, Mersin Provincial Police Directorate of Sports Safety Branch Manager Deputy Remzi Ozer, Turkey Sports Writers Association of Regional Vice President Ali Adalioglu, TRT News Director Hasan Confidential, all Mersin Headmen Bolat Honorary President of the Association, Mersin bicyclists Association President Explorer Ahmet Salih Ozen and district joined officials from the municipality.

I An important organization for the promotion of the city “

Speaking at the meeting of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Hasan Gökbel, "We will do xnumx.'s the Mersin Of this year's Tour, as you know. 4-19 will perform as a 22 stage between April. In this regard, our stakeholders' cooperation with us is the biggest factor for the success of the organization. In recent years we have seen so much. I say this for Tour Of Mersin, but we also paid much attention to this stakeholder solidarity in other international activities. Tour

. We have a province with a history of ten thousand years of history. There are traces of all civilizations in our city. The bicycle tour is also an organization with stages from Anamur to Çamlıyayla. Therefore, this is an important organization in terms of demonstration and can show our beauty. Mersin Metropolitan as Municipal, Metropolitan Mayor Burhanettin should Kocamaz instructions we are making in national activities outside international events, but we have to come to the fore 3 many activities in international events and Mersin Tour Of One of these International Bike Tour. 19-22 This international event will be held in April. Therefore, we want the district municipalities to contribute to this event as well Dolayısıyla.

13 is an international event in the county

The first stage of the race which will be held in place 4 Anamur-Gulnar / gives a stable arc, including about 130 kilometers, xnumx'nc the stage Aydıncık-Gulnar-Mut-Silifke-virtuous-Akdeniz Pompeiopolis including about 2 kilometers, xnumx'nc the step of Tarsus-Çamlıyayla- Leo Taurus Mersin Ozgecan about 200 km and last stage, including the Peace Square Peace Square-cava-Ozgecan Lions-Arena and man-Adnan Menderes including consists of about 3 km.

Will contribute to the promotion of Mersin and international events with Tour Of Mersin 2015 In the 7 team 61 athletes, 2016 team 9 athletes in 72, 2017 In the 11 team 83 athletes participated in the 12 team and 96 athletes will participate this year, including Turkey.

10 thousand Euro prize from Tour Of Mersin

Under the auspices of Mersin Governor's Office, which will be held in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality and Turkey Cycling Federation in collaboration with 19-22 4 April. 'Tour Of Mersin' will be held in the form of 4 stage and this year the contestants will give 10 thousand euros.

Tour Of Mersin races aim to ensure the awareness and spread of cycling sport, to introduce the geography, natural and cultural beauties of the city to the world through bicycle sport, to take place in the world race class with better organized races and to contribute to the city's sports tourism. aims to contribute and increase its recognition.

Mersin, Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su, Mersin Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz, Mersin University Rector. Dr. Ahmet Çamsarı, Rector of Çağ University Dr. Ünal Ay, Toros University Dr. It consists of Yüksel Özdemir.

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