THY, 3. Airport ready

THY Chief Executive Officer Aycı, "We aim to be the best airline in the world," he said.

Team gathering in Antalya and 3. Iyi We aim to be the best airline in the world, havayolu said THY Chief Executive Officer, who will be brainstorming for airport preparations.

Turkey's 'national pride' that Turkish Airlines, 3. With the launch of the airport, it aims to become a 'world brand'. Mr. Mehmet İlker Aycı stated that THY has earned the title of 'Europe's best airline' in 7 times in the last 6 years, 3. The airport said they were aiming to be the 'best airline in the world'.


Mehmet İlker Aycı, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines said, İ We will be proud to serve our new house equipped with the most modern technologies in one of the biggest transfer centers in the world, " said.

Emphasizing that they are in one of the most competitive sectors, especially as the "national flag carrier" in the world, Aycı noted that Turkish Airlines has the title of "the airline that flies to the most destinations in the world" by flying to 120 countries and 300 destinations in this field. A very different momentum, especially after THY's privatization move in 2006 kazanMehmet İlker Aycı stated that they are trying to fulfill the responsibility of being a flag carrier all over the world, as a company that has “national pride” among the great services that have left its mark on the last 15 years.


Aycı said that THY's companies will meet with the general manager and board members in Antalya and they will talk about the plans of 2018. Mehmet Ilker Ayci, the new airport project to give the right, all citizens of the world to review the plans to fly to all sides of the world, said:


. We will be very proud to serve our new house equipped with the most modern technologies in one of the biggest transfer centers in the world to our passengers who want to complete the adaptation period as soon as possible and fly with us. In order to carry this honor and pride, we will review our preparations, plans and strategies in Antalya.

We've had years of hard, easy and growing years, but we have never stopped growing for years. After that, we will continue our growth story, employment creation and export championship. Bundan

New airport changed service approach

3 in Istanbul. With the arrival of the airport, the quality of service will increase. Passengers getting off the plane will be able to use the VIP taxi service. First of all, luxury taxis, which have a market value of 350 thousand pounds at Atatürk Airport, were put into service. The fee tariff for VIP taxis was also announced. 8 pounds per kilometer 5 lira will be charged after the taximeter opening. The incursion fee was determined as 20 lira. Fahrettin Can, President of the Atatürk Airport Taxis Cooperative, said that they will continue to increase the number of luxury taxis. Can said: ı We plan to increase the number of these vehicles to 60. At the moment the demand is on what we want and hope. We want to announce this application to the whole world via internet and television. 3, which is under construction as in Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. We will also serve with these vehicles at the airport. Havalimanı

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