Third Airport 29 to Open in October Date

Limak Holding Chairman Nihat  Özdemir stated that they are planning to open the first phase of Istanbul 3rd Airport, which will be the biggest in the world when it is completed, as of October 29, Republic Day, and said, "Our work continues uninterrupted." said.

Özdemir said, “I hope we are planning to open Istanbul Third Airport as of October 29 Republic Day. Our work continues uninterrupted. We strive to end our work with incredible speed, with a world record speed. Hopefully it doesn't seem to be a mania right now. We will open our airport on October 29, 2018. " said.

In addition, Özdemir stated that they are trying to establish the system that will operate the airport and said, “We started to recruit personnel related to it, continue and train them. The friends who will work on electronic systems, baggage systems, passenger services and all the systems there receive training on the one hand. I hope these trainings will continue until the opening day and all our staff will be ready on the opening day. " he spoke.

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