Ceynak, the new owner of Tekirdağ Port

Turkey Maritime Organization of final negotiation of AŞ Tekirdağ Port privatization tender was held at the PA building 05.01.2018/14.30/XNUMX at XNUMX:XNUMX Friday.

5 participant company applied for the privatization of Tekirdağ Port. The tender held today is Tekirdağ Lojistik. Motor Carriers. Cooperatives. and Ceynak Group.

Tekirdağ Carriers Cooperative President Ali Rıza Eti stated that “Tekirdağ Port should be Tekirdağ residents” and being among the last two companies in the tender attracted all the attention on this tender.

And the expected outcome of the tender Tekirdag Logistics. Motor Carriers. President of the Cooperative Ali Rıza Eti announced in his social media account.

In Ali Rıza Eti's social media account;

Tekirdag TDI port tender 347 million 100 thousand TL bid in the Ceynak company remained in our country, hopefully get to our nation, took part in sharing.




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