Deputy General Manager of TCDD Transportation Inc. Mehmet Uras was retired

42 announcing the annual public office of 04 on January 2018, Mehmet Uras, Assistant General Manager of TCDD TAŞ. He said goodbye to his colleagues at the Education Board.

It's a relay race

Veysi Kurt, General Manager of TCDD Tasimacilik AS, said in a speech he made to Uras' new life: yıl 42 wishes our brother Mehmet Uras, who provides great services and contributes to the sector for years, in his new life with his health, peace and peace. We are grateful to him. After serving in various positions at TCDD, we have been working as Assistant General Manager and Member of the Board of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Kismet is a period in which all of us will live if our life is enough. It's a relay race. Let's not keep our brother's eyes behind. We will continue to work to bring today to a better point than yesterday. Ü

42 year dedicated to railway Demir

Uras, under the roof of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) in January 1976 started as a high engineer, as well as working at various levels as instructors 18 year Eskişehir Vocational High School and training programs in the training of trainers, recalling that, UM Most of our life was spent on railways. It's a very difficult day for me. I'm going to miss you so much. It's really easy to say 42 year. In some areas steam trains were running, Morse code was used in communication. The signalization electrification rate was very low. Today there is a tremendous development in our industry. High-speed rail lines are commissioned. The existing system is being renewed and modernized, and many important projects are realized with the investment of 60 billion TL in our sector. Mevcut

Uras underlined that a new era started with the liberalization of railway transportation, and that some circles did not look too hot: şöyle But Mr. General Manager Kurt believed that TCDD Taşımacılık AŞ would be a global brand and made its employees believe this success. 2017 data shows that this is achieved. Despite the lack of train operation in many networks due to infrastructure works, there are significant increases in passenger and freight transport volumes and revenues. When the projects and all works are complete, the whole network will be displayed when the network is opened. This success is not coincidental. 162 has years of experience in railway culture. I love all my friends. Goodbye. Hoş

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  1. .mehmet made successful services in thousands of retirees such as uras. service6 is continuous. retirement period in the good fortune .. The best period in life retirement..kurmu senior management retirees should give thanks and plaques from time to time to remember. the task is not easy to worship. eternal greetings and respects to all pensioners