Crazy Premium With Mega Projects!

Resolution or ongoing construction projects carried out in Turkey, affecting the surrounding land and housing prices. Projects such as bridges, highways, airports, tunnels and tube passages provide alternatives to transportation problems and also revitalize the places they pass through.

For example, with the effect of the Çanakkale Bridge, the field price of 2003 pounds in 5 in Kocaeli is now 100-150 liraya.

3.köprü and 3. 2013-500 is the square meter in 600 for the real estate in the residential area of ​​Arnavutköy.


How did the channel affect Istanbul's real estate market? In fact the described itinerary is not a surprise. The Minister had previously announced the 5 route and was working on it. With the effect of this, in recent years land and house prices have started to rise. Even houses and plots were '' canal view '' or '' neighboring the channel ''. The number of real estate offices in Arnavutköy exceeded 1000, as Hürriyet brought to the agenda in recent years. Everyone from grocery store to grocery store, from his butcher to the animal dealer, opened a real estate office and marketing with imaginary maps and routes.


With the official statement, the question marks for the project that has been spoken since 2011 has been resolved. The CEO of the real estate appraisal company TSKB, Makbule Yönel, said that the biggest price increase from Maya 2010 to the present is not the only channel in Istanbul. airport and 3. Including the bridge, 3 pointed out the impact of the project. Maya said, beklemek The price will continue to increase but it would not be realistic to expect large increases as in the past 3 year. The investor has already invested so far. After that, people want to see clearer steps. If the tender is made and construction starts, the values ​​play. The investor wants to see the construction started for both the land and the house. It is also important to clarify the conditions of construction around it. This can create a second wave of increase in value. Bu

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