High Speed ​​Train Will Contribute to Samsun Economy

Aksaray-Ulukışla High Speed ​​Train Project, which is the first step of the high-speed train line between Samsun and Mersin, has been welcomed by the Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan. Representatives of the business world stated that the project would have significant economic benefits

Development Minister Lütfi Elvan announced that they received the investment program for the construction of the Aksaray-Ulukışla high-speed railway line, which is the first step of the line that will connect Mersin Port to Samsun Port. Representatives of the business world in Samsun made evaluations about the project.


Expressing that they have expressed for a long time that the project is necessary, the President of the Middle Black Sea Federation of Industrialists and Business (ORKASIFED) Emin Bahri Uğurlu said, “It is very important to connect the two regions. We have to open to the Mediterranean, and they must open to the Black Sea. High speed train line, freight train line, even direct flights are required. Bafra and Wednesday plains of Çukurova, Turkey's most important agricultural areas. In addition to agriculture, industry is also very important for both port cities. The tight bond of the two regions will yield great economic benefits. "We will definitely see the positive reflections of the transportation to be made faster on commercial relations."


Stating that they found the project extremely correct and appropriate, the President of the Black Sea Young Businessmen Federation (KARGIF) Levent Özden said, “It is a promising process for the future of our economy. Our next expectation is that this planning should be implemented as soon as possible. Today an important city of Samsun to Turkey's economy. It is an important and meaningful city with its young population that provides significant added value to our country. Mersin is also an important city. "Taking steps to improve the commercial dynamics between these two cities will give us positive feedback in economic terms."


Saying, 'We both support and demand the project,' Samsun Young Businessmen Association (SAMGİAD) President Savaş Gömeç said, “I hope the necessary work will be done to complete it as soon as possible. From the perspective of our country, connecting two port cities will seriously contribute to our trade. It will also make important contributions to Samsun. It is of great importance in terms of Samsun's opening to the Mediterranean. In addition to agricultural and industrial yields, it will also provide tourism-related returns. He said, "It will be of great benefit to the development of mutual tourism activities."


Underlining that Samsun is an important gateway to the north, Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Samsun Branch President Haluk Tan said, “The Port of Samsun is very important for products that go to Russia from the Mediterranean. We often come across trucks and TIRs with 33 plates in Samsun. If the port connection between the two regions becomes tighter, the products produced will have great benefits at the point of departure and arrival. It contributes not only to Samsun but also to our country. Currently, some investments are being organized in Samsun in terms of logistics. Railway connections must be made within the logistics base. The integration of all dynamics with the Logistics Village and the best preparation of transportation is a big deal for Samsun and our country. kazanI will be,” he said.

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