Samsun Metropolitan Chauffeur Finishes Trades


Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation (TŞOF) President Fawzi Apaydin, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality said that damage the bus in Samsun, which was bought, "they finish the driver trades," he claimed

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality's decisions about transportation in recent years brought the minibus driver to the point of contact closure. TEVF President Fevzi Apaydin visited the 2, 3 and 4 line drivers and listened to their problems. Apaydın, the buses bought by the Metropolitan Municipality claimed that damage to Samsun, "drivers are finishing the trades," he said.

Fevzi Apaydın made the following evaluations on the issue of Samsun Newspaper and Samsun Live News TV:


Var The metropolitan municipalities have very large powers in the legislation, arising from the legislation. Metropolitan municipalities and other municipalities can never make money from passenger transport. In the past, because the municipality did not make money, it turned its own public bus into a private public bus and the people who used it today were given these vehicles. Then another plate was added. As far as I know, 106 has a private public bus, but the private public buses will not be enough, and the municipality also has the tools that run both parallel and parallel.


Now the municipality is making decisions in UKOME from time to time, and we are going to drop some commentaries on these decisions so that we can protect driver trades. The rail system makes periodic flights and we are not against them at all. There is a problem here, especially if you don't have a rail system especially in a big city. We are happy to have rail system in Samsun. The more the city grows, the more we will earn more money by the merchant tradesmen and other tradesmen and craftsmen. However, the municipality, along with the right things, is also making some mistakes.


Maybe he's doing it for her, maybe doing it to meet the public demand. Now, our sensations are that the 70 has bought a new vehicle and the new vehicles are running on 1, 2, 3 and minibus lines in the 4, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes. As a merchant shopkeeper, I feel like I'm head of a driver's room when I see those buses. 2 people, 3 people carry passengers inside buses as the reason goes to taxi business. It's not a logic and a logic thing. These vehicles are not like a car, a van. Fuel, depreciation is very high. These vehicles move like a taxi from the station to a stop, and that's not rational to me.


The money spent in Samsun, the money spent in Samsun, is spent on these vehicles. Today, when they do a review, it is revealed that these buses are heavily damaged. The mayor should consider Samsun as a cumulative. The most important manager of Samsun is according to me the mayor. Especially in metropolitan cities, we ask the mayor to come or invite us, the driver to drink a cup of tea, a meeting should. Listen to our chairman, our president. We don't eat men, we don't choke, we don't say bad things in absentia, but how far is this going? Yem


In the last part of his statement, Fevzi Apaydın said: ünde The drivers came to the point of rebellion. I listened to the 2, 3 and 4 line drivers. Especially the 3 line is very difficult. They cannot pay the money they receive from bail cooperatives and banks. Vehicles are sold with execution. The municipality should see them. We would like to thank his services but the Metropolitan Municipality brings these services especially through UKOME. Anyway UKOME's aim is to relieve the transportation in Samsun. Relieving is not to get a bus to a bus. Those buses are the property of Samsun, our property. Bringing empty cars does not bring us to the municipality, nor does it give us a benefit. On the contrary, the driver finishes his trades. Metropolitan Municipality's aim is to finish the driver trades 70 You get one more car, you put in here, we let go and surrender the keys to the Chairman of Grand National Assembly of Turkey, "he said.

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