These Projects Will Be Completed In 2018 In Izmir

Many important projects that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to build from transportation to urban infrastructure will be put into service in 2018. Konak Tramway is the first phase of Uzundere Urban Transformation Project, Bayraklı Investments such as Bostanlı coastal arrangements and Adventure Park will be completed this year. 2018 will be the harvest year for İzmir Metropolitan Municipality.

For the people of Izmir, 2018 will be a year in which many important projects have reached a happy end, with significant investments on behalf of the city. With the completion of many big projects, the city will relax in terms of transportation infrastructure.

New Year's gift: Konak Tramway
As of the first months of 2018, another project that will breathe İzmir traffic will be put into service. The Konak phase of the tram project, which will also prevent air pollution caused by exhaust gas by decreasing the share of buses in public transportation along the route, will be completed with the new year. After the test drives and preliminary operations to start in February, Konak Tramway will take its place in the daily life of the people of Izmir.
Konak Tramway, F.Altay Square - Konak-Halkapinar between 12.7 and 19 stops, will serve with 21 vehicle

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka Works to extend the tram to Çiğli will start this year. The new line of the tram will start from Ataşehir Station at the end of Mavişehir İZBAN Depot and extend to Atatürk Organized Industry.

Uzundere Urban Transformation 1. stage ends
Crumbling old, unhealthy housing and the place where the "full consensus" because of the realization shown examples of urban transformation in Turkey İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Uzundere nearing the end of the first stage in the Urban Transformation Project. The first stage residences, consisting of 12 blocks, 809 residences and 9 workplaces on an area of ​​280 thousand 33 m², will be delivered to the right holders as of June 2018 with the completion of all infrastructure works.

Construction works of the urban transformation in İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Örnekköy and Ege Mahallesi will also start in 2018.

Bayraklı Stage 2 will catch up in spring
Within the scope of the "İzmirdeniz Coastal Design Project", which aims to strengthen the relationship of the people of Izmir with the sea by designing the Gulf with its coasts. Bayraklı Work is continuing on the 70 thousand square meter coastal stretch between Şelale Creek and Adnan Kahveci Intersection on its coast. Following the completion of the first stage of the 23 thousand square meter of the arrangement, which was carried out in stages by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the manufacturing in the second stage has also come to an end. Beaches, sunbeds, canopy and wooden sunbathing terraces will be created with the spring of Izmir. Bayraklı will have a pleasant time on the beach.

Within the scope of the coastal arrangement works on the Bostanlı coast, the part up to the Fishing Port and the Sunset Platform will be opened in stages.

Hatay's new car park is ready for summer
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will complete one of the car park investments it is continuing in 2018. Parking lot No. 440 with a capacity of 17 vehicles in the Hatay region will be ready for service when entering the summer months. The multi-functional building will be a pleasant resting area with its cruise terrace and ornamental pool on the roof, besides the parking feature. The entrance to the parking lot will be made separately from 22 (Bahattin Tatış) Street and 143 Street, which have a height difference of about 141 meters. Both the people who come to the car park and the local people, disabled and elderly citizens can benefit from the elevators in the parking lot. Thus, easy access between the two streets will be provided.

New square is coming to Izmir
After the Mithatpaşa Highway Underpass, the construction of which was completed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, it was time for the project that will reveal one of the largest squares in Izmir that integrates with the sea. The underpass, which was completed with 1500 bored piles, was opened to traffic. With vehicular traffic underground kazanIn the area announced, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality created a new square for the city. kazanwill yell. Within the scope of the "İzmir Sea - Coastal Design Project", which was initiated with the aim of redesigning the coastline stretching from Mavişehir to İnciraltı, the 71 square meter area in front of Mithatpaşa Park will be transformed into a large city square. Thus, it will be possible for the citizens to reach the sea uninterruptedly. The project will be completed in 500. After the works, İzmir became a very special square that makes the historical texture on the land side visible and the tram passes over it. kazanwill ache.

Tire Treatment ends at the end of the month
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will also open a treatment plant built by the IZSU General Directorate in Tire in European Union standards at the end of this month. The advanced biological treatment plant with a capacity of 66 thousand people, which will treat the domestic wastes of Tire region, will treat 11 thousand 733 cubic meters of waste water per day. Tire treatment cost 9.1 million liras.

You will enjoy the new generation of parks
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, new attraction centers to the city kazanThis year, it will open 5 important and new generation parks, which it has prepared in order to save the land and make the idle lands available to the public: Karşıyaka Yalı Mahallesi Park, Halk Park, Adventure Park, Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Park and Neşşet Ertaş Park ..

The new excitement and entertainment center of İzmir will be Adventure Park, which is under construction in Bornova Atatürk Mahallesi. Adventure Park, which is established on an area of ​​25 thousand 800 m², which includes places where outdoor sports can be performed and activities such as mountaineering, rock climbing and zipline, is planned to be completed by summer 2018.

The new temple of football Tire Stadium
With the cooperation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Tire Municipality, kazanIn 15, the unique excitement of football will begin to be experienced in Tire Stadium, which has a capacity of 2018 thousand people. The completed stadium is now ready to host the matches. After the final touches have been made, Tire Stadium, built to UEFA standards, will be inaugurated.

Karşıyaka6 wooden scaffolding
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which reorganized the city coasts in order to strengthen the relationship of the people of Izmir with the sea, will open six wooden piers to be built on the coastline from Bostanlı Ferry Port to Alaybey Shipyard in 2018. The piers were designed and designed with city furniture in accordance with their themes.

Buca and Narlıdere subways depart
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality aims to start the construction of two new metro lines that are of great importance for the city in 2018. The tender for the 7.2 km Narlıdere subway is on January 9. The 13,5-kilometer line project prepared for the construction tender of the Buca Metro was approved by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments. The foundation of the project is planned to be laid within this year, following the tender for the construction.

Slaughterhouse and multi-purpose hall
In addition to these, the construction of the multi-purpose hall built by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the Gerenköy neighborhood of Foça in architecture suitable for the region's structure will be completed in February. The modernized Bergama Slaughterhouse will be put into service in February or March with its new equipment in European Union standards.

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