CHP's Tanrıkulu Carries the Canceled Metro Tenders to the Agenda of the Assembly

CHP Istanbul Deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu submitted a research proposal to the Turkish Grand National Assembly on the claim that the Istanbul Metro lines damaged the public.

The Research Proposal presented by Tanrıkulu is as follows;
A public case against Topbaş and Uysal with the allegation that the Former Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality had committed the crimes of "abuse of duty" and "rigging the tender" by stating that he condoned the tenders to be held at high amounts, that the municipality canceled the tenders in return for the start of the construction work, and thus caused the public damage again. requested to be opened. In the criminal complaint, it is stated that companies may demand a withdrawal fee due to the cancellation of the tender, while it is mentioned that the withdrawal fee will be 12 percent of the total tender price of 859 billion 10 million TL and will create a public loss of at least 1 billion TL. Since the tender was canceled, there are losses incurred by the companies, and they will demand the profits to be obtained from these auctions due to the additional loss. This amount is thought to be approximately 2-3 billion liras.

The explanations and justifications of the municipality stating that 'it can be done more economically and quickly' for the cancellations of the tenders and that the lines will be extended and the project will be evaluated again, as a consortium, the projects that have 6 companies and 6 separate tenders and a loss of 300-400 million lira for each company a contradiction arises.

The tender price of the 6 metro line which is canceled is as follows:

"The tender price of the -Kaynarca-Pendik-Tuzla metro line is 1 billion 613 million TL."

"The tender price of the Çekmeköy-Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli metro line is 2 billion 342 million TL."

"-The tender price of the Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe metro line is 2 billion 469 million TL."

"-Kirazli-Halkalı The tender price of the metro line is 2 billion 414 million TL. "

"Tender price of Başakşehir-Kayaşehir metro line is 969 million liras."

"- The tender price of the Mahmutbey-Bahçeşehir metro line is 3 billion 49 million TL."

While the route and feasibility studies of these lines are determined, it is necessary to explain whether a technical report has been obtained from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication. In the Istanbul Environmental Plan, it is necessary to investigate in detail whether these lines are included in the plan and whether a holistic assessment is made together with the transportation plan.

Examining and evaluating the feasibility and tender protocol texts and referring to the opinions of the parties, within the scope of Istanbul Metro Lines Transportation Plan; We hereby submit to the Parliamentary Survey in accordance with Articles 98 of the Constitution and Articles 104 and 105 of the Rules of Procedure in order to examine the procurement legislation and related contract protocols and to conduct research.

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