New Station to Bursaray Without Disruption

Bursaray, which covers the city from east to west, plays a major role in reaching the center of the population, which concentrates especially around İzmir and Mudanya road.

İhsan Aydın, in his column in Olay Newspaper, explains exactly where, when and under what conditions the new station to be added to the rail system will be built. The construction of the new station construction of Bursaray, which was tendered by İstasyon Öztimurlar with a conditional donation from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has started. Öztimurlar, one of Bursa's well-established construction companies, was awarded the contract by SUR Yapı Marka AVM with a donation of 4 million TL. kazanThe new station, which will be built with the double-sided platform feature between Nilüfer and Acemler stations, will be completed in one year. The station, which will be built without interrupting Bursaray's voyages, will also facilitate access to Bursa's newest trade, entertainment and accommodation area by rail system.

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