Example Behavior of MOTAŞ Drivers

Turkey Disabled Association conducts a period of Malatya Branch Chairman Ali Haydar Sheep and Yucel Doğanşah Malatya Municipality Transportation and Public Transport Services visited motas aş.'y.

Long time Turkey Disabled Association Malatya Branch currently holds the Presidency Ali Haydar Sheep and Doğanşah Yucel, Managing Director Anwar Sadat met with expressed their Tamgac the problems of the disabled.

Ali Haydar Koyun, who presented a file covering the difficulties faced by disabled people while using public transportation, shared his problems with sincere expressions. The sheep thanked the Mayor Ahmet Çakır and General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı who paid attention to ensuring that newly acquired buses and trambuses are suitable for disabled access.

Yücel Doğanşahin, who came to visit Tamgacı, expressed his gratitude that the drivers of Trambus, who had to use frequently after expressing the problems faced by the disabled in daily life, were very polite towards them in the descents and boarding.

General Manager Tamgacı stated that they are sensitive to disabled people as management, they try to extend this sensitivity to all personnel and they try to carry out public transportation service with this awareness; “We are very sensitive about disabled people, especially Mr. Ahmet Çakır. Our President considers disabled people in all planning. We also consider our disabled brothers both in the vehicles we buy and in daily life. Because we're all disabled candidates. There is no guarantee that we will not be disabled tomorrow. We emphasize this issue in our trainings. We would like to welcome you in our ongoing training programs. In fact, if you are eligible, you can participate in these trainings in person to explain the situation, expectations and problems of the disabled. I believe in the development of social awareness about disabled people. In this sense, I thank you for your visits ”.

Then Ali Haydar Koyun presented one of his books to General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı

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