Bottom Corner Cleaning in Metrobuses Used by Millions of People

Metrobuses used by one million people every day are pulled into garages at the end of the day and are going through a feverish cleaning process. Özge Kara from Milliyet visited Edirnekapı Metrobus Garage and watched the metrobus cleaning step by step.

Metrobus is the most common public transport vehicle used by the people of Istanbul. In fact, the average number of people a day using BRT, and each person travels an average of 21 minutes. The 44 station and the 8 are trying to respond to this intense demand with an 535 vehicle. As such, it is inevitable that the famous thrust scenes are inevitable. So how does Metrobus deal with this busy crowd in terms of hygiene? We went after this problem and we wondered how the metrobus were cleaned and how many dirt left behind in the back left. We visited the Edirne Garage of IETT and saw how the vehicles were cleaned step by step with the garage manager Zeynel Albaş.

Daily procedure

According to the information we received from Albaş, there are four different garages on the Metrobüs line: Hasanpaşa, Beylikdüzü, Avcılar and Edirnekapı. Edirnekapı Garage, 150 is home to the metrobus vehicle. Vehicles running during the day are starting to enter garages like 20.00 in the evening. First of all, the diesel channel is visited so that the people of Istanbul do not stay on the road. Then the brush is passed and the exterior of the vehicle is cleaned. If there is no fault after the external washing, it is taken to the parking area and the daily cleaning process starts. Albaş explains this procedure as follows: ki First the broom team comes and removes the dust inside the vehicle. Then the glass wiping team, when they come out of the wiping team silme Then the team wiping the driver panel enters the vehicle. At the end, the car is thrown and left in the parking lot. Park

Checking at night in 03.00

This is done by the subcontractor company. Like 03.00 at night, after cleaning is over, IETT officials are inspecting vehicles. If the confirmation is given, the bus driver can pick up the vehicle and go to the service.

These are daily transactions. But metrobus cleaning is not limited to this. Detailed cleaning, weekly cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance are carried out once a week. Within the scope of detailed cleaning, vehicles are towed to a place called ına Çeşme Başı başlıy, where a clean cleaning begins from the driver's torpedoes to the floors, from the ceilings to the armpits. Once a month, the faces of the seats are disassembled, washed and re-worn. The entire vehicle is disinfected.

In Edirnekapi Garage, 20-25 people are responsible for the whole cleaning process. The 150 metrobus using the garage is clean and hygienic. The whole process can be found in 04.00 with audits. Cleaning and Maneuvering Shift Manager Ahmet Lake, the service returning to the cars sometimes do not live in a very desirable scenes: sah We see that things dönen Sometimes they are vomited, sometimes they forget something. Sometimes they forget themselves. A few times in the car leaked, there were people coming up here. Temizlik When it comes to forgotten items, the cars are checked by the cleaning and security staff when it comes to the parking lot. During these checks, the forgotten items are delivered to IETT's lost property unit by the security officers. The person who has forgotten is also able to receive his belongings from this unit.

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Source : www.milliyet


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