Istanbul 3. Meteorological Tower will be held at the airport

for the first time at an airport in Turkey "Meteorological Tower" it is done. When the Meteorology Tower is completed, it will be one of the most modern towers in the world.

Meteorology Tower is the new 3 in Istanbul. appeared in the airport details. Meteorological tower It was learned that the world will be equipped with the most advanced meteorological technical devices, radar and satellite. When the tower is completed, the weather information can be given to the airlines immediately by the Meteorological Office.

The latest technology used in its construction and when finished will be one of the largest airports in the world's new airport is being done for the first time in Turkey, a Meteorological Tower. When the tower construction is finished, the teams of the Meteorological Directorate will give the airlines the instant weather information and the expected weather forecast report.

The ongoing Meteorological Tower will be at the height of the 22 meter when the construction is over. The first meteorological tower finished in Turkey, employees of meteorological data, such as technical equipment they will use in their weather reports, but also seeing eye in the new airport runway will also make observations and forecasts. When the Meteorological Tower used in the latest technology for weather observations and forecasts is completed, it will be one of the most modern towers in the world.

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 17:17

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