Mersin Metropolitan Transportation is underway

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Mersin continues to attack on transportation. 30 new bus taken to be used in the busiest lines of Mersin is counting the days to be served to the residents of Mersin.

Metropolitan Municipality, which is the architect of the transformation in transportation, continues its works in order to provide a peaceful and comfortable transportation to the citizens of Mersin. Recently 3. Metropolitan Municipality, which started the construction of the multi-story intersection project, works with the motto of transformation in transportation, without stopping to solve the problems of the citizens.

The metropolitan has received new vehicles to make reinforcements for citizens to avoid problems in urban traffic, to reduce the burden of crowded bus lines and to minimize waiting times for citizens. 12 meters long Mercedes brand, 30 units bus vehicle fleet to the Metropolitan Municipality, urban transportation will provide convenience to citizens.

The vehicles, which completed their journey from Istanbul to Mersin last week, are waiting to carry the citizens of Mersin. 30 new bus to reduce the traffic load of Mersin in the week ahead of the week starting from Monday, will be at the service of citizens.



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