Manisa, which has been implemented by MANULAŞ, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, and which provides the benefit of many services of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality as well as public transportation, entered the age of 2.

Manisa, which was established for the use of the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality in many applications of the Metropolitan Municipality, entered the age of 2. In the statement made by MANULAŞ on the issue, X 8 January 2016 first day in the city of Soma SS. Manisa, which is used in 176 public transportation vehicle of Soma City Cooperative of 28, is currently being used by 17 in 28 district of Manisa and 909 in 490 public transportation vehicle belonging to XNUMX cooperative. The use area is not limited to public transport only; You can make payments in Kentpark playgrounds and parking lots operated by MANULAŞ MAN.

171 Pieces Filling Point

Filling and distribution points are reminded in the statement, tal Manisakart'a; from the 171 unit filling point located throughout the province, www.manulas.com.t is From the smartphone with the Manisa board application, the 5 unit located in the center of Manisa is able to charge from the device. Thanks to the transformations made in the Public Transport in the 17 district of Manisa, our 65 older and disabled citizens benefit from the transportation free of charge. You can obtain your manisa from the Card Distribution Centers located in the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Additional Service buildings located in the district centers Man.



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