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Çorum Governor Necmeddin Kılıç, 26 January World Customs Day has issued a message of celebration.

26 January World Customs Day, celebrated with a different theme each year by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, the theme of kut A Safe Business Environment for Economic Development ınca was determined for 2018 year.

The gün Customs Cooperation Council “, which changed its name as Brüksel World Customs Organization X since the date of 1 October 1994, held its first meeting on 26 January 1953 with the participation of 17 country in Brussels and the 26 January day. 26 has been celebrated as the World Customs Day in 1994 country every year since 180 in January.

Our Ministry of Customs and Trade follows up the current international and European Union practices; In the 2017 year, 1 Billion has caught 602 million TL illegal trade and 893 million TL drug seizure within the scope of preventing foreign trade by giving importance to risk based controls for easy and reliable trade.

Within the scope of facilitating and facilitating legal foreign trade; In order to comply with the EU Customs Legislation, the Certified Person and Authorized Personnel Status shall be submitted to our Customs Legislation, and the companies with certain size in terms of the volume of transactions and capital structures that are entitled to receive these status certificates; The Declaration of Missing, which allows to make a declaration without adding some documents to be added to the customs declaration, the partial guarantee that guarantees in some customs regimes to be guaranteed at the rate of% 100 instead of 10 of% 1, XNUMX to provide a certain amount of collateral for all taxes to be made within the customs procedures within the Tender, the Blue Line providing the delivery of the goods without document inspection or physical inspection, the approval of the person or organization authorized by the Ministry by the Ministry of Transportation and the submission to the customs authorities for the visa process Authorized Exporter Authority, which allows the organization of the exporters, importers and importers of customs without any obligation to deliver the goods to the customs. Export Declaration of Customs clearance, Authorized Buyer Authorization, Authorized Buyer Authorization, Customs Clearance Permission in Import, Permission of Customs Clearance on Declarations in case of inspection, Inspection of goods or inspections of goods and giving them priority to be given priority in customs administrations. In order to reduce the costs and to make the first priority for the security and security controls, first of all, the procedures for facilitating and facilitating the customs procedures of the companies that make import and export operations are made and facilitated.

Çorum Customs Directorate; It is serving in the Organized Industrial Zone and the foreign trade operations are carried out in foreign countries. extends the time extension of foreign country plate vehicles brought to the country under the temporary import regime of our living or working citizens
Our country; 13 is the biggest economy of the world and 5 is the biggest economy of the year, and 2014 billion, 152 billion, 242 billion, 2015 billion, 144 billion, 207 billion, 2016 billion, 142 billion, 198 billion, 2017 157 billion, 230 year exports XNUMX billion, while imports XNUMX billion dollars.

The export amounts of our city from all customs are as follows; 2014 is the year of 293 million, 2015 is the year of 264 million, 2016 is the year of 201 million and 2017 is the year of 253 million and the export of our city corresponds to 14-18 per thousand of our country's exports.

2017 253 Million Dollar part corresponding to 42 of 105 million dollar exports 18 year 46 million dollar part corresponding to 14, 34 million dollar part corresponding to 10 24 million dollar part corresponding to 8, 22 million corresponding to XNUMX Precious metals (jewelery), XNUMX million Million Dollars, corresponding to XNUMX, consist of Iron / Cement and Other products.

2017 year The export of 38 million dollar of Çorum foreign trade and 14 Million Dollar Import part was made from Çorum Customs Directorate.

As can be seen from the above data; The export of our province in our country's exports is not the amount and rate it should be. Within the scope of the 2023 targets for the export of our province to the quantity and rate required; Currently, Samsun, Usak, Denizli, Izmit, Eskisehir, Balikesir, Istanbul, Bilecik Izmir, Mardin, Erzurum, Kahramanmaras, Mersin, Konya, Kayseri, Sivas, Kars, Bitlis and Sirnak, some of the service has been put into service, part of which is also in the project stage and with open and closed warehouses in cold stores, warehouses, temporary storage locations, maintenance-repair, loading-unloading, handling, weighing, load splitting-joining, packaging, distribution and cargo centers, insurance agents, Establishment of one of the 20 Logistics Centers in Çorum Organized Industrial Zone, which will include bank, postal, transport and customs consultancy offices, customs and operator establishment buildings and facilities, containers, truck and truck loading and unloading terminals, social facilities, trade conference facilities. in case of; It is thought that our province will become a center of attraction of both national and international capital and thus our city will contribute greatly to industry, investment, economy, employment and development.

2018 and our target in the following years; especially with the export size of our province in the country's foreign trade is aimed at ensuring that the more important amounts to take place in our country, our customs community 26 January Happy World Customs Day.


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