Kocaoğlu: "We have been waiting for a signaling tender in İZBAN since 2005"

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that the amount of investment made by the central government to the city is around 45 billion lira, not 13 billion lira. Kocaoğlu said, “Metropolitan Municipality is a strange municipality. The Republic of Turkey is a giant .. Central Government has invested less than municipalities in İzmir whole world can hear. When it comes to the word, 45 billion… Let's assume that it is in the records of the Ministry of Finance: The central government has made 13 billion odd investments in İzmir, we are 14 billion odd ones. The Kosovo state has invested less than İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. It is 14 years that it is appropriate to do it .. The subject is: 'O Izmir, you vote for me, I will serve you. I will not serve you if you do not vote for me. ' Why do they do this to İzmir, there is no explanation for this. ”

Saying hello to the broadcast life, the first live broadcast guest of TV was Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu. President Aziz Kocaoglu makes important statements concerning the city and the country's agenda, he said that it was unfair income distribution at the beginning of the problems that Turkey faces. Mayor Kocaoğlu also touched on important issues in the Metropolitan Municipality Council.

Continue to rail system
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, who answered the questions about the transportation infrastructure in the city, said that in 2018, rail system investments will continue. Remaining the increase in the use of private vehicles on the basis of traffic density, voicing President Kocaoglu, temel We are all a little comfortable. We don't think about the economic side of the business. We prefer to go shopping with a vehicle alone. Traffic is cramped in the center of the city. Izmir has accumulated infrastructure problems for years. Sewage, water network, roads, a lot of work until we get to the tram because of the intensity and intensity of traffic creates a. It would be worse if we didn't make the İZBAN line between Aliağa-Menderes and we didn't extend the İzmir Metro and increased the subway trains. Today, we carry close to a thousand 700 rail system. Together with Konak Tramway, this figure will find 850 bin. If we did not make these investments, 850 bus would have to enter the traffic so that we could carry 1000 thousand passengers, İzmir traffic would be completely locked. Our rail system investments will continue. We initiated the tender process for the Narlıdere subway. Next year we will start working for Buca metro. Konak Tramway will be opened in the coming days, Konak he said.

Doing business with a secret cover
Answering a question as to whether the suspension of the Buca metro line due to high credit interest rates President Kocaoglu, instead of acting in a populist approach to the interest of credit to the people of Izmir said he wanted to share with the following words:
Ik We didn't stop the Buca Metro project. Our process continues. I'm not doing a cover job. I want to share my senses, the point where I came from, what we wanted to do, what my bottleneck was, what the opening door was with my fellow countrymen. I talked about this issue in the presentation of Transportation Master Plan. How does foreign policy and economy reflect on the municipality? We do projects such as metro, tram, etc. with credit from international credit institutions. We're in two clamps. Credit rates increased, on the other hand Dollar and Euro rose due to inflation. Turkey's foreign policy for a long time I go I believe that the crisis. If it normalizes in a short time, the loan rates will be lowered. Maybe we can postpone this project for 3 or 5 months. But Izmirli course '5 interest with interest rates' .. We face the cost of exorbitant credit. If I take the basis of Buca Metro with high interest without saying anything to the populist, I put a big burden on future generations. I can't decide on that alone. I can't decide with the municipal bureaucracy. I wanted to share this with my fellow countrymen. The approval for the Buca Metro from Ankara will arrive after 5 onay 6 months. During this period, there may be developments in the decline of the loan interest rate. We wanted to discuss the high interest expenses with our citizens in İzmir during this period. This is the case. Durum

We are waiting for signaling tender in İZBAN since 2005
Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu answered the question about how to respond to the busy passenger demand in İZBAN as follows:
“Currently, our problem is not the 3rd or 4th line. Our problem is that the capacity of the 2-line system can be used. We cannot use the capacity of the İZBAN line. Our main problem is that there is no signaling on this line. Signalization means that the trains are transported in a computer environment and the voyage is made. Now they will say 'no, we have signaling'. But the signaling of TCDD does not answer anything. The signaling tender has been spoken since 2005, but it has not been awarded yet. There are three things to do in İZBAN. One, signaling tender will be held. Two, suburban lines from the districts of Izmir and nearby cities will be included in the system free of charge in Menemen and Torbalı. Three, freight trains will run to the port during the hours that İZBAN does not work. Thus, the İZBAN passenger will double. There are potential passengers. Nobody wants to transport passengers to their factory in Aliağa with shuttle services. However, sometimes state institutions such as TCDD display an attitude to protect their real estate. That attitude must be overcome politically. Will we deliver the TCDD line to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality? No, but we cannot use a project that exemplifies the world that we have established with a 50 percent partnership today. ”

90 minutes of up-and-coming
Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu denied the rumors that the system, which offers unlimited transfer in public transportation within 90 minutes, will be lifted. Stating that the 2008 minutes application that started in 90 has been continuing successfully for 10 years, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “We decided on this system by discussing it for 1,5 years. My low-income nurses live in remote areas of the city because of their home rents. We subsidize our low-income nurses with 90 minutes. Why should we lift it? They try to distract our fellow citizens, saying that he gets up 90 minutes before each election. This issue is now stale. "There is no use in trying to use it as a political trump," he said.

Our duty to use public transportation
Stating that the traffic density can be reduced by using more of the citizens' public transportation, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “Once the tram is engaged and settled, the duration of the parking lots in the center will be balanced. With the healthier parking price and control, we will make it a little difficult to come to the center with a private vehicle. We have to do this. From Aliağa, you can come from Selçuk with the rail system and transfer to the main points. You also do this for a very small amount of money. The fact that you have a lot of money does not require you to go to the 8th floor by car. This city has a life, we have a duty to use public transportation. There was no point in saying what I was saying today without extending public transport or promoting comfort. However, if you say 'I am driving my car', you will pay the deterrent parking fee. It is our citizenship duty to do these together. ”

I won't put a single nail into the evil of Izmir
Mayor Kocaoğlu, who also made evaluations about the project prepared by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality to revive Kültürpark and Izmir International Fair, said that IEF has sponsored two big companies for the last two years, and this contributed to the return of the fair to its old years. Responding to the claims that Kültürpak will be sold, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said:
“You can sell anywhere, you can never sell Kültürpark. I don't sell anything, but we know who the best sellers are. Nobody can do anything as long as İzmir residents exist, not only as a land piece but also as a spiritual heritage. What we do is very different. However, there is such a thing as orientation and perception. This is a perception operation that will eventually wear us out. The trees have aged, some have illness, some have a biological life. Atlas Pavilion's life has expired, fair halls are the same. With the establishment of Fuar İzmir in Gaziemir, the function of the halls was completed. In the meantime, the hard floor in the Kültürpark, the concrete pile, has increased. Although we care enough for İsmet İnönü Art Center, he is no longer a man. Atlas Pavilion is so .. We are destroying Celal Atik Sports Center and we are building a new facility where meetings can also be held. We will demolish 35 thousand square meters of space and turn 11 thousand square meters into a cultural-show center. We will put an exhibition hall so that we can make the IEF. In addition, we increase the number of trees and vegetation. With a section run by our Grand Plaza company, we make it a place where our low income nurses can breathe. We explained our Kültürpark plan in Pakistan Pavilion. Everyone came and saw, but it is not possible to convince some friends. The work they do is the evil of Izmir. I will not go to the evil of Izmir with a single nail. I haven't done it for 14 years, and I won't do it anymore. We have to believe and trust each other. Those who want to leave Kültürpark in this way, and those who embrace it on the boards are also doing evil to İzmir. ”

Is such a state governed?
Speaking about the dismissed mayors, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor said, “Although it is not state of emergency, the Ministry of Interior has the authority to dismiss us. However, this situation is even more comfortable in OHAL. Everyone can be dismissed. This is a process. An abnormal process. What is said about this? Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa ... Turkey's largest city of .. the dismissal of the bottom of Istanbul, the lower Ankara dismissal, the dismissal of the bottom in Bursa ... how in many of the population in Turkey selected managed the municipality? How many of them are governed by the mayor that the public does not choose? You bought Ataşehir, Beşiktaş. Nothing happens because you took the man (mayor). If the elected mayor is guilty, you take him to the Council of State and embezzle. If he has to go to jail, he goes to jail, if he has to pay money, he pays money. 'Resign my brother!' Either he was guilty or not guilty. Even if you do not resign, you are questioning, you are starting an investigation. Is such a state governed? ” said.

The mayor is not booing
Stating that he has not been able to make an appointment from Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım since May, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “The crisis in the opening of the Selçuk İZBAN line may also have a connection. It may not be. But we had requested the appointment long before the opening. At the opening of İZBAN, where we are half a shareholder in front of the Prime Minister, 3 ministers and so many deputies, a mayor is not 'taken down'. There, the mistake lies with the Prime Minister and ministers. Gathering men is not a mayor. Why should I react to the one who cheers for the President? He did not suit Binali Bey at all. On the contrary, he has to call me and apologize. Greatness and statesmanship appear here. They did the same to the Minister of Industry and Trade Nihat Ergün at the opening of the Izmir International Fair. I fulfilled your requirement. No premium can be earned with such small moves. Standing next to the truth, without touching the nafs of anyone's nafs; principles, living philosophy and living as a man, "he said.

I'm not involved in room choices
Asked about the election process at the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “I am not involved in the choice of any room. Even my most sincere friend Alaattin Yüksel entered the room elections in previous years. I didn't get involved with him either. Because these are professional organizations. It is a vote made by the merchants in the city among themselves. It is wrong for us to comment on that. I wish success to both Ekrem Demirtaş and Mahmut Özgener. ”

Politics is done fair
Expressing that İzmir cannot get the share it deserves from the investments of the central government, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu continued as follows:
“Everything ends, the justification is not. It is played with us like a ping-pong ball. Go come, go come! Let our nurses hear: I've been running Izmir for 14 years; we did not receive a penny from the central government, other than our right to be given to us in accordance with the law, namely İzmir's tax revenues. But although the central government has more opportunities, we have invested more than them. Of course, it is not possible to compare the budget of the central government with that of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. But the central government made so little investment that the investments we made with our own power surpassed it. İzmir is developing and improving. If the central government does this, it will leverage the country's development. İzmir has this potential. Moreover, this potential will contribute to the development of the country and its own success. Why do they do this to İzmir, there is no explanation for this. Politics is fair, citizens are treated equally, without looking at any sub-identity; it is done regardless of its political view. The central government has had a policy for 15 years. The subject is: 'O Izmir, you vote for me, I will serve you. I will not serve you if you do not vote for me. ' İzmirli says, 'This is the money of the country. Don't threaten me, don't offer me the task you will do. I am one of the most important provinces, do your duty. I will not vote after that, but my point of view will be better. ' The government says, 'It's none of my business, I'm the boss!' This has been going on for 15 years. No votes, no investment. Is it healthy or correct as a political mentality? Despite this attitude Izmir, its own dynamics, municipalities, businessmen, Turkey's fastest growing cities, with the contributions of our professional chambers and countrymen. The city with the highest credit. We have grown agriculture, now we are trying to touch the industry and touch the service sector. ”

There's a funeral in the middle
Explaining once again the issue of Basmane pit, which has been much discussed, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “Since the day I took office, there were 4-5 similar problems, and we solved some of them. We couldn't solve some of it. We are trying to solve the basmane pit. We increased our stake there. We did this work by meeting the rooms. Some friends say, 'Don't do this, buy it by the municipality'. Should the municipality buy its own property? There was such a job here at the time. It was made in good faith, but there is a funeral. How you can lift it for the benefit of the citizens. The ex-mayor is starting this business. Let Basmane go to the pit of Galeria to Konak Square. Now we are called 'Buy here, make a green field'. If someone else is, I will say it does not know. Then the court crawls on the court. Get back here! How do I get it back? A job has been done, they have 5-6 partners, they have losses, they have damaged. This was the best solution because of the plan. Somebody will buy, leave the municipality's stake, this funeral will also be lifted. Especially the people who have been involved in this business since the beginning and took approximately the same project with 5 precedents, just stop and look; this is a separate job. ”

I took responsibility for my party
Responding to a question about the relationship between the CHP Provincial Congress and Alaattin Yüksel, who recently took place, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that their relationship with Yüksel will not be broken and will not be broken. Mayor Kocaoglu, the following in his comments at the provincial congress found:
“Now this topic is very talked about. I would like to explain why I have followed such a method and method. Since we are the oldest in all political parties, there are so many teams .. Everyone stepped on everyone's feet, sometimes they were together. Togetherness, support are forgotten, stepping on foot is never forgotten. The country goes to two very important elections. Here a provincial president, provincial administration is required. Provincial president and provincial administration should be a collector. It is necessary to have a staff that will generally be accepted from İzmir, gather the party and make these difficult choices. When we look at it, I talked to over a hundred people, including the district chair, mayor, provincial board member, disciplinary board member, and deputies. Then I met one to one again. A profile was created to join the groups and clicks. A profile to represent the party in Izmir. Until then, there was no one in my mind. Then, together with the friends, the board of directors I counted together and the district heads together with Deniz Yücel agreed upon the name of the friend and decided together. After that decision, my job is done. We said, 'Everybody claim your candidate' and I was not involved in anything in the hall. Such a thing was needed. There was no one to do this work in Izmir other than the Metropolitan Mayor. I wish it was, but it didn't exist. I also assumed such a responsibility for my party to recover and to get better. After that, the success of Deniz Yücel and his management, and the move of our party higher, will make us very happy and relaxed. We highlighted the participation in this process. You read correctly with participation. But you cannot sit with three or five of your friends and read the truth, and vice versa. We have experienced such a process by melting the emotions and thoughts of the friends who were elected under the CHP administration and who made politics in the front line. We made this process befitting the CHP. A friend's nerves were nervous. An incident occurred because of him; otherwise it was a perfect congress ”.

Call for Government incentives
In his speech, he reminded the government of the demand for incentives for organized industrial zones. Kurulu Both the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and the Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, together with the opinion leaders of the city, had a request from the government during the meetings we held at the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board. . Do not give incentives to Izmir, our city has an organized industrial zone with 13 infrastructure. Give incentives until these industrial zones are filled. The infrastructure is decaying, the country's economy is losing. Give it, then remove it; Let the investments come '. There are many issues from Inciralti's planning to the new free zones, but the central government has been moving very slowly for the last two years. Bureaucracy does business with instructions from above only, does not do normal routine work. it seems to me to be neglecting, sav he said.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who are also willing to produce a domestic car on this issue by meeting on the 8 personality committee formed and continued to work, he added. Governor Kocaoğlu, who recently made a statement about the subcontractor on the agenda of the public, said, un We removed the subcontractor at the end of 2008. There are uncertainties in the Statutory Decree. We have an obligation to enforce whatever the decree says. It's good to be in favor of the worker. We apply this. Biz

They said you are entering the swamp; We created an oasis!
Turkey is a role model of agricultural policy İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kocaoglu the manufacturer that emphasizes the continued support, the conversation continued as follows:
“You can give the money; Money doesn't matter here. What is important is the belief and consistency of walking with the countryside together with the farmers. We're walking along the countryside. As long as we are mayors, we will deal primarily with everything from rural to rural development, from the way to the rural standard of living to reach the park. This is our basic mission. We can't make concessions. We can deduct any costs, but we have cultivated agriculture with a different philosophy. There was a story in the newspaper the other day. The central government has encouraged agriculture in many provinces. Izmir does not exist. But the result; Turkey farming percent 2.1, 5.5 percent of Izmir grown agriculture. This is the summary. We will be next to the manufacturer and develop the countryside. Nobody believed when we left. Our citizens were looking good. Our friends also did not believe. 'He's going into a swamp, what's going to happen?' He was talking behind us. We're not in the swamp. We took the farmer's hand and created an oasis there; we will continue. With smart incentives, we will continue to support people with their needs by walking with them, by solving the problem with them le.

The love of the people of Izmir
Touching on the 150th anniversary of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Kocaoğlu said, “150. It is a very exciting honor to sit in that seat annually. İzmirli is protecting the mayor. We have experienced one of the most difficult processes in the history of the municipality in İzmir, but when we look at it, the most important source of motivation, love is the greatest motivation in our eyes, from the children of our Izmir nurses who keep us alive. We try to be worthy of this love. I wish we will leave here with a pleasant sound. I and my family will be grateful to the people of Izmir because they have granted me a lofty task like the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, and they have chosen me. Fatigue, that, this, you can't think. I thank everyone for believing me. ”

Count the 45 billion!
Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu also mentioned that in the second meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council, İzmir could not get enough share in terms of central government investments. Expressing that the Izmir Suburban System, one of the biggest investments in the history of the city, is a false point of view to the government, Mayor Kocaoğlu said:
“From 2004 when this protocol has been signed, it will update how much money it has spent since 2005, and then you will see who is doing what, who is this project, who is more involved. He made half of the French and half of the British, expropriated by the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk; You cannot call the project whose capitulations were paid until 1954, 'this project is our project'. A job was done there, which is a double line and electrification between Aliağa and Menderes by the State Railways. He was made during the period when Oktay Vural was Minister of Transport and Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit. When the Ak Parti came, it was not over; Aziz Kocaoğlu came and ended up spending 10-odd million with the money of 700 years ago, and after spending 1,5 billion pounds on underpasses, overpasses and stations, workshops. Know this well, everybody know. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is a strange municipality. The Republic of Turkey is a giant. Let the world hear that the Central Government invests less than the Metropolitan Municipality. The central government, which said 'it has invested like this' to criticize the Izmir Metropolitan Mayor, says it has invested 45 billion liras in this city. As for the word, 45 billion… Let's assume it. It is in the Ministry of Finance records: The central government has invested 13 billion in İzmir, we are 14 billion in some way. It does not matter, I could have been 1 billion-2 billion below. I'm in a strange municipality. But the huge Republic of Turkey, Izmir and Izmir people, Metropolitan 14 years have seen fit to make less investment from the Municipality .. "



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