Public Transport Vehicles in Turkey

Public Transport Department, Audit Teams; audits on public transport continue in the new year. Inspections are being intensified to increase service quality and citizen satisfaction. Administrative sanctions are applied in accordance with the laws of 1608 and 5326 to public transport vehicles, taxi drivers, service owners and drivers who violate the rules set forth by UKOME decisions, Public Transport Regulations, Service Vehicles Regulation and Commercial Taxi Regulations.


In the past 2017, the Public Transport Inspection Teams, which carry out the 5 bin 945 units of Public Transport, audited their inspections. disguise-clothes, personal hygiene control, in-car cleaning control, license control, personnel work certificate, vehicle ages, technical and technological innovations needed to be done in-depth inspections. Inspection Field Teams and the UKOM (Transport Coordination Center) working in coordination with the 444 11 Call Center; legal procedures are started on the vehicles that are found to be violated in accordance with the regulations related to vehicle working hours, route controls and stop entry exits.


The teams of the Inspection Teams of the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department and the Traffic Inspection Department Directorate of the Provincial Security Directorate continue their joint inspection activities in order to prevent the transportation of the Pirate Service. The suitability, road document, license, guidance teacher, school vehicle letter and seat seat belts are checked for the P Plate cars serving staff and students throughout Kocaeli. In addition, for pirated service vehicles carrying out out-of-scope transportation, pirated transportation vehicles are tackled in the scope of the Circular of the General Directorate of Security.


The supervision of Private Public Buses operating under the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is carried out in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Public Transport. The Audit Teams are continuing their inspections at both routes and stops, both in the vehicle and in secret vehicles. The vehicles are also tracked through the electronic fee collection and vehicle tracking system and through the cameras inside the vehicles. All these controls; The feedback from the passengers also sheds light on and off the inside and outside of the vehicle.


Commercial Taxis, which serve under the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli, are also kept under supervision and control by Transport Inspection Teams. As in service vehicles, in commercial taxis; the license of vehicles, personnel work certificate, taximeters, seats, seat belts, such as the control of many substances are made.

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