The Voice of Deer

Japan is preparing to take an interesting step to reduce the number of deer that have been damaged by railway accidents. The speaker to be placed on the trains will spread deer breathing and dog barking sounds, allowing the deer to move away from the rails.

Speaking to the Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, the Institute for Railways Technical Research noted that the tool will reduce train and deer collision accidents by 40 percent. It is pointed out that deers warn each other against danger with their breathing sounds; It was stated that accidents could be prevented by combining the sound of the instrument with the dog barking that scared deers.

Stating that the instrument will emit deer breathing for three seconds and twenty seconds for the dog barking sound, the Institute official said, “If our mechanism works, there will be no need for passage prevention facilities at many points.” According to data from the Japanese Ministry of Transport, railway transportation was interrupted or delayed in 2016 cases where deer or other wild animals collided with trains between 2017 and 613.



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