Nostalgic tram is coming to Izmit ..!

In Izmit, a new tram is emerging. Next to Uğur Mumcu Park, a new venue is being built adjacent to the existing tram line. This place has a special, nostalgic tram concept

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu'nun promised before the 2009 elections, the 8 passing the year after the year has passed to Izmit.

The tram called Akçaray has been working since the beginning of summer.

İzmitliler quickly got used to the tram.

An entrepreneur who knows the longing for the tram in İzmit and the longing for rail transportation, has rolled up his sleeves.

A special design tram was installed in the new café built in Uğur Mumcu Park.

The tram will serve as part of the café.

With the nostalgic view, the tram cage, which was the center of attention, remained shortly.

Those who see this nostalgic tram are looking forward to the opening of the space.

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