Izmir's 2030 Transportation Master Plan

Another support for the "Operation Olive Branch" launched by the Turkish Armed Forces against terrorist organizations in the Afrin region of Syria came from the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, Turkey, underlining the need to support this operation has done for our own safety, "Allah, the son citizens who were killed in Operation Mercy, I wish veterans speedy recovery," he said.

Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board (2009) was established with the participation of representatives of the institutions and organizations that played a decisive role in the economic development of the city. Collected times.
Selami Özpoyraz, who was elected as the meeting manager of the new term, opened the first meeting of 2018. Özpoyraz first made an economic evaluation of the last year at the meeting held at the Historical Gas Factory. Saying that the growth figures achieved in 2017 despite all the negativities are a success of the business world, Selami Özpoyraz thanked Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and EBSO President Ender Yorgancılar for leading the action on behalf of İzmir on domestic automobile production. Selami Özpoyraz said that the Konak Tramway, which is one of the public transportation projects carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will start trial runs and the steps taken for the construction of the Narlıdere Metro, as well as the fair development area. Özpoyraz said, “IF Wedding Fashion last week was very successful. The growth of this fair to become a European giant was the great momentum achieved with the Fair Izmir, which the Metropolitan Municipality brought to the city. The fair added great value to Izmir city. We saw the economic dynamism experienced during the fair. I believe the same situation will be experienced in Marble ”.

We must support the operation
İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that the Operation Olive Branch, carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces in Afrin region in the northwest of Syria, is a compulsory operation to eliminate the formations that will affect the future of our country and the games of the imperialist powers. Mayor Kocaoğlu noted the following:

"The north of Iraq and Syria never been mentioned in the piece of land taken from Turkey it targeted the third stage is the establishment of a Kurdish prompted by the ruling powers. Preventing this is very important for stability in our south and in the Middle East. I believe that as a member of this country, we should support this operation and make efforts to increase the motivation of our soldiers. I wish mercy from God to the children of our country who were martyred in Syria and urgent healing to our veterans. "

Chairman of the Meeting, Selami Özpoyraz, stated that they wish the success of Operation Olive Branch, carried out by the Turkish Armed Forces in the Afrin region for the security of our country, as soon as possible and said, "I wish mercy to our martyrs and patience to their families.

Process done in Opera House
Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu also heralded the end of the process for the Opera House, whose construction tender was canceled by the Public Procurement Authority (KİK) last year. Stating that the court did not find the reason for the cancellation of the KİK, Mayor Kocaoğlu said that the foundation of the Opera building will be laid as soon as possible. Mayor Kocaoğlu stated that the construction works of Konak Tramway are about to be completed and that they will start trial runs as of mid-February.

Transportation Master Plan explained
İzmir Transportation Master Plan, which was created to prepare İzmir for 2030 and meet the transportation needs of a city where approximately 6 million people will live, was also among the agenda items of İEKKK. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Kader Sertpoyraz and Transportation Planning Branch Manager Mert Yaygel each made a presentation containing the technical details of the plan.



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