The Percentage of 10 Made to Public Transportation in Izmir Entered into Force

4 million Izmir, the first day of 2018 awakened with hikes. The increase of 10 with the CHP's Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on drinking water and public transportation has been put into effect today.

metropolitan municipalities in many cities in Turkey, they are discussing and deciding in parliament in 2018 fiscal year estimated revenue goes to the drinking water in the budget and transport hike decision not receiving Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's drinking water and public transport, a 10 percent hike it did for the 1 January 2018 came into force. In line with the decision taken by İzmir Metropolitan, the full ticket in public transportation vehicles increased to 2 liras and 60 kurus with an increase of 26 kurus while it was 2 liras 86 kuruş. The pricing system in the İZBAN line has also changed.

According to the new arrangement, the 'Pay as you go' period started in İZBAN.

According to this; It was learned that the new tariff on buses, metro, trams and ferries took effect on 1 January, while the new pricing in İZBAN will come into force on 15 February.

Along with the new tariff, radical changes were made in the pricing system of İZBAN, which previously applied the same fare tariff as buses, metro, ferries and trams. Accordingly, instead of the fixed price previously paid to İZBAN, the 'Pay as you go' system has arrived. A new remuneration system was prepared by taking account of Aliağa and Selçuk. Accordingly, the normal boarding fee will be deducted from the citizens for the first 25 kilometers. Later on, 7 kurus per kilometer, 4 kurus from the student, 5 kurus from the teacher will decrease. In addition, a total of 4 credits (11.44 TL) must be loaded on the card. The card must be read at the station that gets on and off. Because when you get on from Selçuk, the system will calculate the passenger to go to Aliağa and take all the loading on the ticket. When the passenger card re-reads at the landing stop, the distance will be calculated and the amount will be returned. In this way, only up to kilometers of money will be cut.

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