Izmir Traffic Solution Not Tramway Cable Car

Cemil Şeboy said that the cable car line established between the neighborhoods in Ankara should also be implemented in İzmir. Uygulan Trolleybuses made the city's mother cry. The tram is not the right project, Tram he said.

Cemil Şeboy, the 25th term deputy of Izmir and former President of Buca Municipality, criticized the tram project carried out by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and offered a solution proposal. Saying that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has established a cable car line between the neighborhoods, Şeboy said, “The project can be implemented in İzmir. The cable car that will start from Konak goes to Hatay, Bozyaka, Yeşilyurt, Eskiizmir and Uzundere. ”

Şeboy said, “Before that, there were trolley buses in the city. They made the mother of traffic cry. Now trams are coming. You can't drive on the road right now, how will you go by tram? Karşıyakaroads were wide but not so much in Konak. KarşıyakaEven though the roads were wide, there was a tram accident. This project will cause problems in Konak. 'I did something.' It sounds like playing tribunes to me. ”


Reminding that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality solved the transportation problem in the city with the cable car installed in the districts, Şeboy said, “In Ankara, the men solved the problem of transportation by cable car. Cabs take as many people as a van. The mountain does not listen to the hill. Neither the road nor expropriation. They put their feet, the cable car going over the 8-floor apartment building. It can also be done in Izmir. Let's say that one that will start from Konak goes to Uzundere when you say Hatay, Bozyaka, Yeşilyurt and Eskiizmir. The other one goes from the skirts of Kadifekale to Altındağ. The cable car solves this job. The cable car in Balçova did not end for years though. "I don't know if there is a clumsy or unwillingness."

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